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Guillermo Del Toro, director of the critically acclaimed films Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim, was awarded the prestigious Cheval Noir Award at the Fantasia Film Festival last Friday in Montreal.

In a series of festival Q&A sessions, Del Toro spilled on his career and upcoming films. Here are the five most interesting facts he shared with those in attendance.

1. Lovecraft Fans, Still Too Soon To Despair?

Del Toro refuses to give up on At The Mountains of Madness, his adaptation of the classic H.P. Lovecraft novel, and continues to be deeply affected by the film's previous cancellation:

“You put a lot of effort — your body and soul — and then it doesn’t happen. The ones that don’t happen break your heart, that’s for sure. But I’m going to keep trying.”

2. Stop-Motion Animation Is Up Next

Gepetto and Pinocchio.
Gepetto and Pinocchio.

A darker, scarier version of the classic Pinocchio story is still in the works from Del Toro. Set in Italy between the two World Wars, this version, directed and co-written by Del Toro, will be much closer to the original tale, and will bear parallels to Frankenstein. Reflecting on the main characters of Frankenstein and Pinocchio, the creator said:

“They are both innocents created and abandoned and learning to cope with the world.”

3. Pacific Rim Out, Cold War In

Del Toro passed the reigns of Pacific Rim's sequel, Maelstrom, to director Steven DeKnight, preferring to work on a more personal project, The Shape of Water. Unwilling to share many details, Del Toro only commented that it will be a mysterious and romantic film set during the Cold War era.

"I’m assisting in any way I can or that he needs, but it’s his movie. But I think the ideas he has are great. I’m very happy with it, but I decided I was going to move on and keep going to new things.”

4. Del Toro Teases The Strain Season 3 Finale

Del Toro talked about the struggles of converting the trilogy he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan into a television series, specifically in relation to character deaths. Characters that live in the books die on screen, while the opposite is also true, and the two series diverge frequently. But The Strain still looks to end strong:

“The TV show and the books diverted after the second season, and I think the series is going to have a different finale than the books. I wouldn’t say we’re going to veer that much but it’s going to be a good ending, a brutal ending.”

5. On Retirement And The Future

Del Toro announced that he will be retiring from producing movies he’s not making. This means that instead of working with young filmmakers on their projects, he’ll be spending the time creating and directing his own movies.

“I’m not going to produce, but I can be a friend, I can be an ally, I can give advice. I admire a horror film when it’s done in a way that is personal...So I stay in touch as much as I can.”

What do you hope Guillermo Del Toro does next? Let me know in the comments below.

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