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The List Keeps Getting Longer And Longer

Shrek 2 is one of the most popular children's animated films of all time. Viewers get the chance to travel to Far Far Away to meet the King and Queen — Fiona's parents and Shrek's new Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law. However, once you re-watch the film, you notice that the film has a load of continuity errors. Whether it is because it is an animation movie or something else, we'll never know. Below is a list of just a few of the mistakes throughout the film.

1. Shrek's Door Can Suddenly Open Both Ways

We first see the swamp when Shrek and Fiona return from their loving honeymoon. When they get home, the door to the swamp opens inwards as they walk in and are greeted by Donkey who looked after the house while they were away. However, when Donkey is asked to leave, Shrek opens the door. You might think, What's wrong with that? Look again. The door to the swamp can suddenly open outwards. We know for a fact that the door isn't a two-way door as you can hear the door hit the door frame when it closes.

2. Travel Time To Far Far Away Suddenly Decreases

At the start of the film Shrek, Fiona and Donkey all travel in an onion carriage to Far Far Away to see Fiona's parents as she hasn't seen them for years. We see when they're traveling to Far Far Away, they go through different climates and travel overnight before they actually arrive. But, when Pinocchio and crew all go to rescue Shrek, it takes them a matter of minutes to arrive at the castle. Either they have a super fast plane to travel at least 200 miles, or something has gone terribly bad there. See for yourself:

3. Donkey, The Three Pigs, Puss, Pinocchio, Big Bad Wolf And The Three Blind Mice All Own Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak?

Shrek needs to get into the Far Far Away castle as quickly as he can. So he gets a giant gingerbread man made by the Muffin Man to help him break in. At this part of the film there is numerous shots of Shrek's front and a view of what is behind him. Obviously, not everyone can stand on Mongo's shoulders, otherwise he'd break. So Donkey and co. all wait on the ground. Well I say that. Take a second look. The film suddenly cuts to another shot of what is behind Shrek on the ground, and it seems Donkey and co. have all suddenly vanished. Either they popped off for a quick coffee or it's another continuity mistake.

4. Dinner Is Served! Again

It's the first evening for Shrek and Fiona at the castle, so of course the whole family will have dinner together at the table. Dinner is served and the cooks walk into the room with the food. They put all the food down on the table like any normal server. However, the film cuts to a bird's-eye shot and viewers can see the waiters and cooks still walking in the room with the food that is already on the table. Either they ate dinner incredibly fast and are having seconds, or that is another continuity error.

5. Magical Door

Finally, when Shrek, Puss In Boots are in the potion room, they are stealing a potion titled "Happily Ever After." While Puss steals the potion and Shrek watches Puss, Donkey is ordered to keep a lookout to see if anyone is coming. We see a shot of Donkey looking out of the door, which is only slightly open so no one can see in. But during another shot, the door Donkey is looking out of is suddenly fully open with Donkey still on the lookout. Are they in Hogwarts?

This is only a selected few continuity errors in Shrek 2. Re-watch the film and see how many you notice within the 94 minutes.

Which Shrek film is your favorite of the series?


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