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With all the Justice League, Wonder Woman, and (most notably) Suicide Squad hype, you might have been forgiven if you'd forgotten that there's a Lego Batman movie coming out in the February of next year. Fear not however, for I am here to remind you, and to present you with our first looks at both the Joker and Robin. Let's begin with Joker, shall we?


Here (and up top) we can see the clown prince of crime getting up to his usual hijinks, alongside a very classic looking Harley Quinn. He looks a little more feral than usual, what with his fanged teeth, but it's essentially the classic Joker look translated directly into Lego, topped off with some awesome suit tails. What I find particularly interesting about this picture is the car behind the Joker, and the mysterious brown figure behind said car's left headlight. My best guess at this point would be Clayface, with Joker perhaps assembling a motley crew of villains to run rampant in Gotham?


Now we move onto Robin. One would assume that we'd get the classic and original Robin; Dick Grayson. However, I'm almost certain that who we've got is Carrie Kelley, the Robin from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. My reasoning has three points to it. To help you with this, here's a picture of Carrie Kelley:

Note three things:

  • The gingery, left to right swished hair
  • The green goggles
  • The bare arms/legs

Both of these pictures display those qualities, leading me to believe that we're seeing is in fact Carrie Kelley. The IMDd page lists Michael Cera as playing Dick Grayson, so he'll be in it, and there's nary a mention of Carrie Kelley, not even a mysterious female actress. Still, the movie has a while to go before coming out, and that does bear an uncanny resemblance to Carrie, but the question is:

Who Is Carrie Kelley?

In an alternate future where superheroes are sent into seclusion, Batman comes out of retirement, saving girl scout Carrie and her friend from muggers on a stormy night. Carrie, inspired by the resurgence of such a legend as Batman, cobbles together a Robin costume and saves the Dark Knight's life from a mutant gang leader, and is later indispensable in the taking back of Gotham city from said mutant gang. Beyond her appearance in The Dark Knight Returns, Carrie has popped up in comics irregularly, never really finding a place in mainstream continuity. What sets her apart from the rest of the Robin flock (see what I did there?) is her bubbly and optimistic attitude, as well as her confidence in disobeying Batman when she feels it necessary. The respect between her and her mentor is incredibly strong considering how young Carrie is. That said, this is a parodical Lego take on the character, so who knows where this will actually go. The final question to answer though, goes thusly:

Why Carrie?

Well, not long ago it was revealed that this Batman film would include every era of Batman's history, so it makes sense that one of the most famous - i.e Frank Miller's reinvention of the character as a darker figure - would find its way in somehow. Personally I reckon we'll see most, if not all, of the different Robins show up over the course of the film, as they aren't an often used facet of the mythos, so there's definitely a lot of potential left unexplored in that direction.

Wrapping Up...


Are you happy about getting Carrie in Lego Batman? Or are you still holding out hope for some other Robin to be front and centre? I'm still really looking forward to the movie either way, because it looks hilarious regardless. Let us know what you think of the new pics below though. If you want to.


Source: USA Today


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