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Last year, I started watching Ballers for one reason: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I'm a chick that's a fan of superheroes, Game of Thrones, and old-school wrestling, but I'm not the biggest NFL fan (I love college football, though — go Clemson!). Despite that, and despite the fact that the show is clearly geared more towards men, I found Ballers to be an extremely funny and inviting show that tells the story of football players — working and retired — trying to deal with life off the gridiron. The main focus is Rock's character, Spencer Strasmore, an NFL legend turned financial manager that genuinely attempts to make his friends' and former teammates' time spent off the field more endurable, although he often has trouble coping himself. I enjoyed the first season immensely, and now that the second season has started, it looks like it may be even better than the previous one. Here's a few reasons why:

A New Villain

It appears that Spencer's beef with Vernon Littlefield's lackey Reggie has been squashed forever, but now a new antagonist has come into the picture. That new bad guy is Andre Allen, played by an uncharacteristically sleazy-looking Andy Garcia. It turns out that back in the day, Andre gave Spencer some ill-advised financial tips that cost him heavily, and Spencer is still PO'ed about it. So much so, that Spencer vows to steal all of Andre's clients. Let the games begin!

Spencer's Financial Career Is Stagnant

I'm sure all the Ballers fans remember how Spencer's financial management career was steadily rising last season, and how Mr. Anderson a.k.a. "The Old Man" promoted him to head of the sports management department. Well, in the last few months, Spencer's hit a plateau. Since we last saw the sexy financier, he's only been able to sign one other client (Ndamukong Suh) and convince him to invest his money in a fine dining restaurant. Spencer has to get more clients fast, which will make him even more determined to ruin Andre.

Spencer Appears To Have Some Other Issues

Spence got pretty upset when when his former teammate/nemesis, Terrell Suggs, insulted him on Jay Glazer's fictional show, "Glazed and Confused" (love that name). In fact, he was so upset, he rushed the guy on national television. This isn't the first time Spencer's lost his cool in public. While at a promotional party, Reggie brought up the fact that Spencer was adopted and never knew his real parents, and Spencer shoved him a little harder than he intended, accidentally sending the man into a nearby DJ booth. In this particular instance, however, Spencer completely forgot about the cameras rolling and was ready to actually fight.

There was another scene where Spencer appeared to be somewhat bothered by a dead bug or speck of dirt on the Anderson Sports Management logo at his job, and made it his business to take it off. According to next week's trailer, it'll be revealed that Spencer's having some trouble managing his pain, which may be another reason he's on edge (see the video below). The second season trailer also previewed other scenes where Spencer seemed to be going through some type of turmoil (view the 1:07 mark after clicking the link). It begs the question: Is Spencer having trouble adjusting to his new life, or are the hits he took in his career affecting him more than they did before?

Charles's Football Career May Be In Jeopardy

Last season, Charles decided to go back to the field after realizing he left too soon, and learned that he and his wife were expecting. The world was his oyster, but it appears to be crashing down after his chit-chat with the coach. At a Miami Dolphins "Legends" event (which should've been a red flag), Charles asked his coach about next season, to which the latter replied that there would be some "changes made during the summer." Uh-oh, will Charles be returning to the stadium or the Chevy dealership?

Ricky Grows Up And Reverts Back To Peter Pan All Over Again

Last season, Ricky was the typical big baller that stayed in trouble. However, as he got closer to his 30th birthday, Ricky tried to clean up his act. He took better care of his body, refrained from any illegal activity and even showed the ladies more respect. However, once he found out that his $30 million dollar deal with the Dolphins wouldn't come to fruition, he regressed right back to his old ways. To add insult to injury, the main person persuading him to be reckless was his ratchet, deadbeat dad. Before we knew it, the classy 30th birthday party Ricky planned (which was set to only have 30 guests in formal attire), became an epitome of debauchery, where the birthday boy used a chainsaw to destroy an ice sculpture.

Real mature.
Real mature.

The Parties Have String Musicians Playing Hip-Hop Classics And Classical Music Infused With Hip-Hop

That's really phat.
That's really phat.

OK, it's not a big deal, but you have to admit, it was cool to see it.

So, with a new villain, Spence's new (or maybe just escalating) problems, Charles's shaky future and Ricky still not shedding his bad boy image, it looks like this season of Ballers will blow Season 1 out of the water! I can't wait to see the other episodes!

What do you think about the new season of Ballers? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!


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