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Often we look for life lessons or wise, sage, learned advice from philosophers, religious leaders, our parents, or historical figures. But even a drunken old genius and his idiot grandson can school us in things that we can apply in our own lives.

Rick and Morty, from Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, have gone all over the galaxy, from Earth and back again, in search of whatever selfish thing Rick requires. On their adventures they've encountered all sorts of weird and interesting places and people, and Rick has often screwed over those same people he has met. But throughout all of that, Rick and Morty have learned a few things along their way. Let's take a look at a few of those things.

'Total Rickall'

The Smith family is home having breakfast with Jerry's older brother, when out of nowhere, BOOM! Rick shoots him dead. But that wasn't Uncle Steve at all. Y'see, someone had accidentally brought a parasite into the home that was looking to infect the world. It infected the family's minds with memories of people from their past who never existed — namely, Uncle Steve. But there was one flaw with this: The memories were all happy ones. Nothing negative at all, as opposed to the real people the Smiths love who are flawed, screwed-up, selfish people.

Life Lesson: If something seems too perfect, it probably is. Also, wipe your feet before you leave space.

'Look Who's Purging Now'

Rick and Morty visit a planet that has a yearly purge. This allows them to get out all of their anger and frustrations at once so that the rest of the year is filled with peace and happiness. But the problem with that tradition is that it's always the poor people who are made to suffer. Why? Because the rich are all safely tucked away in their mansions, eating and laughing while the people die. Thankfully, Rick was around to teach these a-holes a lesson.

Life Lesson: Purging is wrong. And Tony! Toni! Toné! rules.

'Rick Potion #9'

Like every typical high school kid, Morty has a crush, and her name is Jessica. Unfortunately, Morty believes she is out of his league. Most kids in his position would give up on trying to date the person he fancies and just admire them from afar. But, unlike other kids, Morty has a grandfather that can create a love potion. The youngster gets his hands on said potion, uses it on Jessica, and it works a charm. Actually, it works a little too well. The potion spreads and makes everyone fall in love with him. And when Rick tries to redress the potion, it mutates and turns everyone in the world into monsters.

Life Lesson: Drugs are bad.

'Something Ricked This Way Comes'

Would you like a pair of sneakers that made you jump higher, or a car that never needed gas? Well, if you got them from this store run by the Devil himself, the sneakers would make you jump forever and the car wouldn't run on gas, but on your life force. Thankfully, Rick is a genius and takes away all of the curses from the objects, rendering them benign. Because science.

Life Lesson: Never make a deal with the Devil that your butt can't cash.

'The Ricks Must Be Crazy'

It's always shocking when you see how smart Rick truly is. Sure, he created a gun that allows him to transport all over the galaxy and to other dimensions, but he also created a pocket reality that Rick called a microverse. What did he do once he made this reality? The same thing we would all do. He used it to power his spaceship. Morty is completely against this. Rick explains it's how society works. They use the electricity to charge their world (and his spaceship and cellphone) and when they are too old, their children make the power. Rick calls it society, but Morty calls it slavery but with extra steps. The scientist of Rick's microverse was doing the exact same thing Rick was doing to his reality. And Rick was not happy.

Life Lesson: Slavery with extra steps is still slavery.

'Get Schwifty'

Water-T used to be just a regular everyday adult letter, until his disregard caused him to be exiled from his home planet. Before he was banished, he was turned into ice, thus becoming Ice-T. Ice spent years not caring, until he met Rick and Morty and watched as their music saved the planet.

Life Lesson: There is always a chance for redemption. Word.

Are you a fan of Rick and Morty? What have you learnt from watching the show? Let me know in the comments below.


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