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A psychotic teen or something else entirely? Tate Langdon, played by Evan Peters, had us from his very first scene in Season 1 of American Horror Story. Although his character seized our screens for a total of 12 episodes and did some pretty unspeakable things in that time, he remains one of the most liked characters of the entire show. Why? Let's look at a few reasons he is still loved by fans and how we could still manage to get him back for Season 6.

Who Is Tate Langdon?

'The world is a filthy place. It's a filthy goddamn horror show'

A dead-ringer for Kurt Cobain with a troubled past, Tate is branded initially as psychotic. He has a warped and depraved view of the world and wants to kill the people in it, that he likes, in order to send them to 'somewhere clean.' This develops throughout the season, ending up with him killing multiple people and playing out his fantasies. If we look past these twisted things, however, his character may be one of the most complex in the show.

Tate had us feeling mixed emotions throughout the season - he embodied 'The Rubber Man' and used it to hide his identity whilst doing his crimes. Killing a couple who owned the haunted house, his classmates and raping Violet's mother, Vivien, all led to the reveal that he was a ghost. After pretending to pull out a gun whilst found after the high-school massacre, the FBI shot him 17 times and therefore condemning to roam the halls of the haunted house.

The Past — What Made Him The Way He Is?

It is revealed in the first few episodes that Tate's father was killed (by Tate's his mother) but he has grown up believing he left him when he was aged six. As you can probably gather from that his mother, Constance, was quite the formidable woman; a character in which Jessica Lange plays phenomenally. Constance is cold and unloving, a trait which has caused suffering to her whole family. Beauregard, Tate's brother, is locked away in the attic (and chained) due to his craniodiaphyseal dysplasia and mental disability. Despite this unthinkable treatment from his mother, he and Tate have a strong bond. The way he acts after his brothers death shows the extent of which he cares.

It is easy to see why Tate has such hatred for his mother and knows nothing but hardship — his reoccurring fantasy ultimately comes down to saving his friends from the suffering he has endured by sending them to the afterlife. He speaks of rituals and bad spirits being released by bleeding which puts a religious spin on things. He almost becomes an empty evangelist, with good intentions, wrapped up in his mission to save and protect the people from the horror of the world and eventually losing his focus and morality.

Personality — Is He Really That Evil?

Tate has an intense relationship and unrelenting feelings for Violet which contradicts (and is maybe the result of) his cold upbringing and his Norman Bates / America Psycho persona. He makes the rules for the ghosts in the house which is also a huge discrepancy. He is outspoken yet caring and responsible yet immoral. You can't help feel sympathy for him as the relationship shows he is clearly vulnerable.

Prospects — What Could Be In Store For Him?

As we know Tate did some pretty messed up things but this is somewhat justified towards the end of the season. It is revealed Tate was doing Meth before his (not quite a fantasy) massacre. This would explain his behaviour as ghost and his intensity. This begs the question, what was Tate like before? If each of the seasons are revisited, I would love to see more of Tate's childhood. I'm placing my bets that his son Michael Langdon (pictured above), who turned out to be the Antichrist at the end of the season, is the star of season six (perhaps the most apt number for this idea) or I am hoping Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy write this for the very final theme. The devil imagery is used throughout each season so it must be leading to something!

So there we have it. Whether he makes you love him or hate him, there is no denying Tate is one of the most intricate characters of the show (and perhaps the best.) Nobody else could have brought him to life like Evan Peters — he has recently mentioned in an interview he too is hoping for Tate's return. With the show stated to be returning on Wednesday, September 14 at 10pm EST, we haven't got too long of a wait to find out.

*Leaves and anxiously waits for trailer, promo and theme announcement.*

What is your thought on Tate? Do you want him to return to the show? Let me know in the comments!

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