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Supergirl is gearing up for an awesome Season 2 on The CW, with plenty of new characters coming to the superhero series. We already know that Tyler Hoechlin will soar as Superman on the show, with more fan favorite characters like Maggie Sawyer and Snapper Carr joining the cast. And now it looks like there's another more mysterious character joining the show.

According to TV, actor Chris Wood is set to appear in the upcoming second season of Supergirl in a regular role. However, The CW is not revealing who Wood will be playing. Wood is becoming something of a regular over at The CW, having had previous roles in The Carrie Diaries, The Vampire Diaries and Containment.

As The CW is playing this one pretty close to the chest, only telling us that Wood is playing a "surprise" DC Comics character. So, let's take a look at some possible characters that the actor could bring to life on Supergirl.


Superboy in "Young Justice".
Superboy in "Young Justice".

Although Superboy was originally used to refer to Superman when he was a kid, the name now refers to a completely different character, Kon-El. Kon-El is a genetically engineered metahuman based on Superman. Superboy is perhaps best known for his appearance in the short-lived but beloved animated series Young Justice and it's entirely possible that this could be the character that Chris Wood would play.

As the Young Justice TV series still has an incredibly strong fanbase, using Superboy would definitely work in The CW's favor, especially considering other Young Justice characters are popping up on the upcoming seasons of The Flash and Arrow. And if Superboy popped up in Supergirl it would certainly be a "surprise". One could argue that Wood bears a bit of a resemblance to the character, especially as he appears in Young Justice.


Valor — Superman's replacement.
Valor — Superman's replacement.

Valor, also known as Mon-El and Lar Gand, is another DC Comics character often associated with Superman. Like a lot of comic book characters, Valor has been reinterpreted several times — hence the alternative names — but in all adaptations he possesses extremely similar abilities to Superman and is often considered a replacement for the Man of Steel. While not a Kryptonian, he hails from the planet Thoron which is in the same star system as Krypton.

Valor would be a great character for the Supergirl TV series because he's a lesser known character. Audiences aren't familiar with him, so bringing him on board would bring something fresh to the show. It has also been suggested that the DC TV universe isn't allowed to use characters that are prominent in the DCEU, if this applies to Supergirl then we're assuming that Superman's appearance on the show will be an, ahem, flying visit. If that's the case, then Valor, who has been used as Superman's replacement in the past, would be the perfect character to fill in for the Man of Steel in his absence.

Christopher Kent

Flying High — Christopher Kent
Flying High — Christopher Kent

Christopher Kent is not only Kryptonian, but he is the biological child of General Zod and Ursa. In one particular universe, Christopher Kent becomes Nightwing because Dick Grayson has taken up the mantle of Batman.

This character has also been altered in several comic book adaptations, but he could still pop up in Supergirl — perhaps as an amalgamation of different adaptations. Moreover, if Christopher Kent does appear on Supergirl, then this would open up the possibility for even more comics characters to appear, like his infamous father Zod. It's also worth noting that the heroic nature of Christopher Kent is explored following Flashpoint, which is the major storyline for the upcoming season of The Flash. There's already speculation that Flashpoint is the key to bringing Supergirl into The CW's greater Flarrowverse, and we could see Christopher Kent playing a major role in making that happen.

Pete Ross

Pete Ross from the "Superman" animated series
Pete Ross from the "Superman" animated series

Pete Ross is Clark Kent's childhood best friend and has appeared in multiple adaptations of Superman before. He played a large role in Superman's life before mainstream DC continuity was altered and his role was made less significant.

There's always the possibility that this important "surprise" DC Comics character is not gifted with superpowers or from another planet — perhaps Wood will be playing Pete Ross. Ross is not that significant in the Superman mythos anymore, which would allow the show to put its own stamp on the character. Moreover, the fact that Superman himself will finally be making his debut appearance on this season of Supergirl would be the perfect opportunity to bring his best friend to National City. Additionally, Wood's All-American looks also bears a resemblance to the adaptation of Pete Ross seen above.

The excitement is building as Supergirl prepares to make its network jump from CBS over to The CW, and the addition of Chris Wood to the cast has us even more pumped. Could his mystery character be the person who crash-landed to Earth in a Kryptonian pod at the end of the first season? Only time will tell. And while we think he's probably playing a heroic character, there's always a chance Wood could portray a new villain. Either way, we can't wait to see what he does on the show.

Who do you think Chris Wood will play on Supergirl? Tell me in the comment section below.

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