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It’s now less than a few months until the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead and, unlike previous seasons, is probably the most anticipated of them, all thanks to Negan’s infamous Lucille battering:

While we eagerly contemplate the fate of one of our beloved characters, lets recap the current status and location of each character:

Aaron — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Aaron made a bid to join Rick and the others get Maggie safely to Hilltop. In spite of Rick's reluctance, Aaron implied that it was his decision and that Rick would have to punch him in order to stop him from helping Maggie. Joining the group on this particular mission, though, came at a cost and, like many of his fellow survivors, Aaron was last seen on his knees at the mercy of Negan.

Abraham Ford — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Abraham drove the RV in hopes of getting Maggie to safety and possibly helping find Carol. He shared his thoughts about the future with Sasha and told her that he’s ready to bring life into the world. When their situation was comprised, Abraham shared a moment of reflection with Eugene in the case that one of them die. Their goodbye was cut short when they saw each other again in the hands of Negan’s men. Unlike his fellow survivors, Abraham held his chest high and showed no visible signs of fear when Negan toyed with the group.

Carl Grimes — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Like Father, like son, Carl was determined to maintain the safety of Alexandria and the group. After he locked Enid in the armory’s closet, Carl joined the group on the journey to Hilltop. When nothing seemed to be going to plan, Carl told Rick that they could do anything and that he wouldn’t let what happened to Denise at the hands of the Saviors happen again. At Negan’s lineup, Negan approached Carl and asked him to cry at least a little. If anyone tried to stop Negan’s game of Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, he would cut Carl’s other eye out and feed it to Rick.

Carol Peletier — Current Location: On The Road/Outside Of Alexandria

In the last few episodes of Season 6, Carol finally reached a breaking point. She decided to leave the group because she couldn’t love anymore and hence she couldn’t kill anymore. Out on her own, Carol was wounded by Saviors. When Morgan found her, she refused his help and told him that he shouldn’t have come looking for her. Later, one of the Saviors who attacked Carol, found her, shot her and threatened her life, which she greeted with open arms. After coming to her aid, Morgan informed Carol that he would bring her back. Two unknown men from another community approached Carol and Morgan with an offer of help.

Daryl Dixon — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Unlike most of his fellow survivors, Daryl was pursued and captured by the Savior Dwight before he made his way into Negan’s lineup. In an attempt to avenge Denise’s death, Daryl headed out on his motorcycle to find Dwight, her killer. Rosita, Glenn and Michonne pursued Daryl and asked him to come back to Alexandria with them. Daryl ended up getting shot by Dwight and thrown into a truck with Rosita, Glenn and Michonne. He was then reunited with the others at Negan’s lineup.

Enid — Current Location: Alexandria

Thanks to Carl, Enid is safe and sound in Alexandria’s armory closet. In spite of protesting against Carl and telling him that she wanted to accompany them and help Maggie, Carl refused and threw her in the closet. Enid asked Carl what she does if they don’t come back of which he replied, “just survive somehow.”

Eugene Porter — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Like others in the group, Eugene insisted on accompanying Maggie to Hilltop. When things weren’t looking good, Eugene volunteered to take the RV and use it as a distraction while the others got Maggie to Hilltop. After sharing a brief moment with Abraham, Eugene handed over his recipe to make bullets, which suggested he was ready to die for the cause. Despite this, Eugene got caught and ended up in Negan’s lineup.

Father Gabriel Stokes — Current Location: Alexandria

The last time we saw Father Gabriel he was a changed man. When Rick and the others were about to leave Alexandria, Father Gabriel confidently informed Rick about their emergency plan and assured him that he would protect Judith and keep her safe at all costs.

Glenn Rhee — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Having gone to find Daryl with Rosita and Michonne, Glenn was taken by Dwight and the Saviors and eventually thrown to his knees at Negan’s lineup. At one point, Negan’s threats towards Maggie became too much for Glenn and he proceeded to go to her aid. Glenn was quickly put back in line by Dwight and remained there for his game of Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

Maggie Greene — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Pregnant with her and Glenn’s first child, Maggie’s condition had deteriorated so the group banded together in order to get the help she and the child needed in Hilltop. Though seemingly unconscious for most of the episode, Maggie briefly shared a moment with Rick in the RV. In spite of their best efforts, Maggie didn’t make it to Hilltop, but instead was forced to her knees in her dire condition. Maggie became more visibly upset at the site of Glenn being taken out of the truck.

Michonne — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Michonne’s status is very much similar to her fellow survivors. As mentioned earlier, Michonne pursued Daryl with Glenn and Rosita, but was caught by Dwight and other Saviors. She is currently kneeled before Negan. Even though Michonne had developed strong relationships with the group — especially Rick and Carl — Michonne managed to hold herself together in front of Negan and their unknown fates.

Morgan Jones — Current Location: On The Road/Outside Of Alexandria

Morgan’s mission in the last episode was to find Carol, which he managed to do. Met with reluctance from Carol, Morgan refused to let her go and instead promised to help bring her back both physically and emotionally. Morgan even killed for Carol, something he had been putting off for awhile now. He is last seen with Carol when an unknown man comes to his aid.

Rick Grimes — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Rick Grimes, the leader would do anything for the sake of the group and his family. In the season finale, Rick lead the group on a mission to get Maggie to Hilltop when her condition deteriorated. On the road, Rick briefly chatted to various Saviors but ultimately refused to accept their conditions. Seeing Rick brought to his knees in Negan’s lineup was probably the hardest to see, not only for other characters, but also the fans.

Sasha Williams — Current Location: Negan’s Lineup

Sasha accompanied most of the group on the trip to Hilltop. She shared a moment in the RV with Abraham about Maggie’s condition and pregnancy where the two discussed their possible future together, including the possibility of children. The two smiled and shared a kiss before being stopped by more Saviors. At one of the Savior pit stops, Sasha and Eugene recognized items belonging to Michonne and Daryl on walkers. Sasha is taken with the rest of the group and brought to her knees at Negan’s lineup.

Tara Chambler — Current Location: Unknown

Absent for the last few episodes because of actress Alanna Masterson’s pregnancy, Tara was last seen infiltrating the Savior base. After taking down some Saviors with Father Gabriel, Tara says her goodbyes and heads off on a run with Heath. We do not see her for the rest of the season.

Who Are You Looking Forward To Returning In Season 7?

I’m curious as to how the show will present Season 7 at its upcoming press tour. So far we’ve been given teaser images that share information we already know and, most likely, will continue to do so without shedding light on who died and who survived in the Season 6 finale. It must be like walking on eggshells for the cast and crew, that’s for sure!

The Season 7 trailer will arrive on July 22 at SDCC, with the return of the show in October.


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