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Game of Thrones is a brilliant series that inspires millions of people, including many artistic fans. These artists make beautiful pictures, sculptures, and fan writings. Right now, I am going to show you five amazing pictures that will be sure to touch your heart and, possibly, break it.

1. Daenerys's Loss

The strong Khaleesi will never forget all that she lost. It is what keeps her going as she marches and sails to Westeros to take what should have been hers. Daenerys is a courageous young woman who has lost much and never forgets what could have been.

2. Hodor

A moment, just one moment, can change everything. One of the most heartbreaking moments in the series, in my opinion. Truly seeing what caused Hodor to be who he is. If Bran hadn't decided to look into the past on his own maybe Hodor would be different.

3. Ygritte's Funeral Pyre

Their love will burn a fire hot enough to consume them. This is so true in the sense that love made her pause, love is why he took her into the true north to burn her. Young love is a fickle thing but theirs was real, a Romeo and Juliet that could never be. The three eyed raven sees all.

4. Robb And Grey Wind

This picture is very saddening considering how the King of the North passed. Killed by men he trusted and then his body was used for a good laugh! Grey Wind and Robb sown together for the amusement of the Bolton and Frey men.

5. Little Like Me

Oh Tyrion, how you always find a way to touch our hearts! The word were enough to make you think of a little Tyrion telling his father how he wanted a dragon. Most children, even in this day and world, wish for a dragon so just imagine living in a world where they were once real! Just the look of sadness and missed out on dreams could make you weep for the childhood of this amazing man.

Such workmanship and artistry that exudes from these masterpieces is astounding. They certainly are amazing and this writer wishes she had the talent to make them. Which did you like most?



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