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We are two weeks away from the last DC movie of the year, when Suicide Squad will close the year out for DC in a big way. The movie has already garnered a ton of attention and could possibly be the most hyped film of the year (arguably even more than Rogue One). All of the marketing has been brilliant and the payoff will most definitely be worth it, and although it's close to being out, we still are in the dark of most of what will actually happen in the movie. This being said, SDCC is this weekend and much may have already been revealed — maybe too much! If you want to go into Suicide Squad with a clean slate and no SPOILERS, I suggest you turn back now!


The Joker Becomes Batman

Yes, I know how crazy that sounds but just hang on there with me and I'll explain whats going on here. This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, and with that comes many exclusives and announcements. The exclusives can range from comics to actual movie footage from all the things we love in pop culture. One movie that is sure to make an appearance is, of course, Suicide Squad to promote the collectible side of things with Hot Toys. We all know Hot Toys makes those ultra realistic figurines for big-name franchises, and that trend is no different with the Suicide Squad film. The company offers a look at many of the Squad, but one in particular stands out from the rest.

Joker Batman

This particular toy came to the attention of BirthMoviesDeath and yes, that is Mr. J in a Bizarro-style Bat suit. I know, it's so beautiful you just want to set it somewhere nice to simply gaze at it. But you're probably wondering, "How the heck does this happen in the movie?!" The bigger question is actually, "Will this even happen in the movie?" I believe, yes this will happen in the movie and that's because why would they go on and make a random figure like that if they didn't plan to have it show up? This is simply gold in my opinion, as we all know how obsessed the Joker really is with Batman. It doesn't get crazier than having him pretend to be him, but in the Joker's case, he may actually want to be him.

Batman V Batman Joker?!

If we truly take this Batman Joker impostor scenario and run with it happening in the movie, then there's a lot of potential. I mean, can you imagine seeing two Batmen go at it? You also have a sort of poetic scenario with two beings that act as a Ying and Yang of each other. Nonetheless, whatever unfolds with this version of the Joker, its sure to be done on a grand scale and will be something truly legendary. I just hope the Joker knows that Batman will not be too happy with him taking his suit.

We will just have to wait and see how it will all unfold once Suicide Squad opens in theaters! Check out the full figure as well as another version of it below!

Suicide Squad Arrives In Theaters August 5th 2016


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