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Another day, another blitz of hype for Suicide Squad. Earlier today we learned of a major development regarding Enchantress and Amanda Waller, and as San Diego Comic-Con kicked off last night, a merchandise stand for Hot Toys revealed a potentially massive spoiler regarding the role of the Joker in DC's bad guy team-up movie. If you want to go into Suicide Squad blind, now's the time to press the little 'X' and continue in blissful ignorance.

Still here? Alright.

The Hot Toys display at SDCC features a figurine of Batman wearing his Batman v Superman armor with underwater breathing apparatus, which ties in with clips we've already seen of the Caped Crusader taking a dive into the river to rescue Harley Quinn, before carrying her to the Batmobile.

The display also featured another Batman costume — only this one is purple and green, and it sure as hell isn't Bruce Wayne wearing it. Check out the toys below in these images from Comic-Con.

The costume itself is pretty awesome: The word "damaged" is written across the head of the Joker's green Bat-mask, and the color scheme is a superb throwback to the Joker of old in DC Comics and Jack Nicholson's classic (but often-overlooked) take on the character in Tim Burton's Batman.

Now, read into this what you will, but considering the Dark Knight's costume and the Harley Quinn stood on the podium behind fake Batman are clearly taken from Suicide Squad, it seems highly unlikely that this colorful Joker-Batman was just plucked from thin air — which begs the question...

Why The Hell Is Gotham's Clown Prince Impersonating The Dark Knight?

Close inspection of the Batfake reveals that his costume is splattered in blood. He's also brandishing a vintage handgun. Put two and two together and the most obvious interpretation is that, at some point during Suicide Squad, the Joker will embark on a killing spree, which is something the trailers have kept firmly under wraps so far.

Is the Batsuit an attempt to frame Batman for the crime, or just an effort to get under Bruce Wayne's skin? And how did the Joker get his hands on the suit to begin with — has he infiltrated the Batcave? That sounds like the kind of major security breach Alfred would surely never allow. More likely he made his own mock-up, which means he's serious about whatever it is he's cooking up. It also suggests Batman's role in Suicide Squad won't be limited to flashbacks as previously rumored.

Of course, this could all be in Bruce's head — if Batman v Superman taught us anything, it's that a lot of crazy things go on up there when Mr. Wayne is dreaming, and most of them make all the sense of a unicorn on meth. But David Ayer is not Zack Snyder, and I'd like to think he wouldn't fuck with us like that.

Whatever the deal, it seems that Suicide Squad intends on laying the groundworks for a long, twisted relationship between the Joker and Batman across multiple movies, including the Ben Affleck-written solo Batman movie coming in the near(-ish) future, and allegedly locking Bruce down inside Arkham Asylum.

Putting my best guess forward, I'd say that the DCEU is ultimately building toward a live-action adaptation of The Killing Joke. Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking. Either way, we'll know more when Suicide Squad finally hits theaters August 5. Before then, tell me —

What Do You Think The Joker Wants With Batman?


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