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*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6*

In Game of Thrones, the main focus is on the people of importance. Considering The Known World is bustling with VIPs, all with a thirst for power and love for melodrama, the elitist perspective is the most logical and entertaining angle. But what about the Westeros equivalent of the working classes, the smallfolk?

The events that have played out to date haven't been favorable to those who weren't born into the glitz, glamor and occasional bloodshed. All across the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, the smallfolk have been pawns in a disconnected fight for power, excluded to the sidelines without having a say in the matter. As Ser Jorah Mormont said, way back in Season 1 of the TV series:

With that in mind, it seems a bit harsh that the sanctity of their lives has been carelessly thrown all over the place by the people at the top. Most recently they've witnessed the High Sparrow — a prominent figure who appeared to have the smallfolk on his side — blown to smithereens by Wildfire at the Great Sept.

Now they've seen him replaced by Cersei, a woman who the public appeared to viciously despise, gleefully spitting obscenities and saliva over her during her humiliating walk of atonement.

With Daenerys now on her way to King's Landing, and more carnage set to be unleashed by her and her dragons, when will the smallfolk finally say: Enough is enough? And if they do, what will happen?

How The Smallfolk Could Have The Final Say

Cersei facing her walk of atonement (Credit: HBO)
Cersei facing her walk of atonement (Credit: HBO)

In a series that is full of non-stop turmoil, with ever increasing acts of violence and depravity occurring season on season, it's natural to expect an ending that is befitting of that; maybe the White Walkers destroy society, maybe we'll see the return of Azor Ahai, maybe Gendry will appear at the last minute.

We can't really be sure, but we do know George R. R. Martin has promised a bittersweet ending. What if that bittersweet ending is more placid in nature, and the series ends, wait for it...

With Democracy Being Formed

Shout shame! Demand I be tried for treason! Unleash the dogs! I appreciate this theory (originating on Reddit) is modest in nature, but the repercussions would still be far reaching. The masses may eventually opt to exercise some form of control over their lives. GRRM is known for taking inspiration from historic events, so it could be tempting for him to depict the beginning of democracy as we know it.

It would also essentially render all that the lead characters heave been through pointless. Imagine if Dany finally gets to the throne, only for democracy to be introduced, making her status irrelevant.

An Intense End To The Show

Dany and Tyrion (Credit: HBO)
Dany and Tyrion (Credit: HBO)

Two of the show's leading characters are already beginning to use democratic functions; Jon Snow — who is arguably the lead character of the show — was elected to his position both times, while Dany is building a system with echoes of Congress, taking advice from Tyrion Lannister along the way.

Whether we see the introduction of some resemblance of democracy or not, expect an intense ending. With Winter on its way and the White Walkers quickly approaching, the Known World is set to face its biggest challenge yet. When it does, democracy may well be the least of civilization's concerns.

Is this theory wide of the mark, or do you think we could see the inclusion of democracy in Game of Thrones?

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