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On the same day that we learned a potentially enormous Joker/Batman spoiler from San Diego Comic-Con, a brand new clip from Suicide Squad released via Warner Bros. has put an entirely new spin on the dynamic between Enchantress, the mysterious presumed-villain who inhabits the body of June Moone, and Amanda Waller's Task Force X.

Just as that Joker news highlighted how little we actually know about the meat and bones of Suicide Squad's story, this clip serves as a reminder that DC's bad guy team-up movie has an absolute ton of twisty surprises in store for us. Only click play below if you're happy to learn a little more about the Enchantress...

In the clip, Amanda Waller presents June Moone to a group full of middle-aged white men, presumably government agents. All have been briefed with notes on who, or what, the Enchantress is, and all appear skeptical of what they're about to witness.

"She's walked this Earth for a very long time, and will likely be here long after you're gone — magic or not, this girl can do some pretty incredible things", Waller tells the room, before the spirit of Enchantress literally transforms Moone into a green-skinned creature with glowing yellow eyes.

What secrets does the Enchantress totem hold? (Warner Bros./DC)
What secrets does the Enchantress totem hold? (Warner Bros./DC)

The document in the agents' briefing states clearly that the CIA have been keeping tabs on June since 2015, which, presumably, is when she came into possession of the ancient miniature Enchantress totem which would then possess her.

It seems likely that this scene occurs early in Suicide Squad, considering Waller appears to have Moone in her command. It's probably fair to assume that, in the process of assembling the "worst of the worst", Enchantress takes over June with a vengeance and Waller loses control of her asset.

Whether the Squad is specifically assembled to deal with the ancient, out of control spirit or whether she's a distraction in a bigger mission remains to be seen, but it's interesting to note that the recent character trailer released for Waller finds the hard-as-nails government agent fighting alongside the Squad with a machine gun in hand. Typically, that is not her style, which might suggest that the Enchantress is coming after Waller with some serious personal beef.

Between Enchantress going rogue, Batman flashbacks, the Joker's corruption of Dr. Harleen Quinzel and the mystery mission itself, Suicide Squad certainly isn't short of balls to juggle in its compact 100-minute runtime. Can David Ayer pull it off and produce a movie which gets the kind of universal acclaim the DCEU really needs to take the fight to Marvel? We'll find out soon enough.

Suicide Squad arrives August 5. Check out the new, Harley Quinn-focused trailer above, and then tell me —

With Enchantress Having Taken Over, Will June Moone Make It Out Of Suicide Squad Alive?


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