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Buying the company behind one of the most popular movie franchises of all time, in order to give a fresh start to a story that's been memorized by heart by hundreds of thousands of people, doesn't sound like the best idea on paper. But when Disney acquired LucasFilm and reawakened the Star Wars saga, audiences were pleasantly surprised with the first installment of the new trilogy, which served a careful mix of nerdy nostalgia and exciting new characters.

Kylo Ren communes with Darth Vader [Lucasfilm]
Kylo Ren communes with Darth Vader [Lucasfilm]

This being Disney, we weren't about to get just three movies: Thanks to spin-offs, the entertainment giant is fleshing out the Star Wars universe more than ever before. We've already got Rogue One to thank for giving us a bit of pre-A New Hope history, and the Hail, Caesar! breakthrough star Alden Ehrenreich was recently cast to play a younger version of Harrison Ford's iconic Han Solo. Still, there's so much more to explore! Just looking at two characters in The Force Awakens, there's already plenty of storylines waiting to be developed: What about Rey's childhood? What about Kylo's troubled teenage years?

If You've Been Hoping For A Knights Of Ren Movie, You'll Be Happy To Know That J. J. Abrams Would Love That Too

Kylo Ren has got to be one of the most fascinating characters of Episode VII, partly thanks to Adam Driver's riveting performance. Aside from Kylo's heartbreaking family problems, we've also got a glimpse of what would probably be the equivalent of his biker gang if he'd been a rebel in good ol' America: The Knights of Ren.

Now, The Force Awakens director J. J. Abrams has revealed in an interview with Collider that he would totally be on board for a Knights of Ren movie. Speaking of the various anthology movie possibilities, he said:

"I gotta say Kathy Kennedy, who's running it all, she seems to be pushing all the right buttons. There isn't something that I'd love to see — I guess the one thing I would say is there's a Knights of Ren story that I think would be pretty cool to tell."

That sounds like the story's already written! Is it in your head, J. J., or are you just saying that theoretically?

Could We Ever See A Knights Of Ren Spinoff?

Kylo Ren leads the charge [Lucasfilm]
Kylo Ren leads the charge [Lucasfilm]

We don't know much about the Knights of Ren, how they operate or who else was among their ranks. They were an organization led by Kylo Ren and overseen by Supreme Leader Snoke, and are responsible for destroying the Jedi of Luke Skywalker's generation, not too long after the Galactic Civil War.

Exploring the conflict between the Knights and the Jedi would certainly provide enough material for a movie or two, but don't get your hopes up just because Abrams seems to like the idea: He's only a producer on Star Wars: Episode VIII, and Disney's trilogy strategy seems to have been carefully planned.

After all, it's also Star Wars' speciality to leave questions unanswered. But that's when the fans step in, isn't it?

Would you watch a Knights of Ren movie?

Source: Collider


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