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When Netflix first announced it's latest original series Stranger Things, it was the addition of Girl, Interrupted star, Winona Ryder to the cast that turned the most heads. However, when the series was released, although Ryder broke our hearts with her brilliant portrayal of Joyce Byer, the mother of a missing boy, it was the mostly unknown younger cast members in the series who totally captured them.

Assembling a group of toddlers, children and teenagers who are all not only likeable, but also talented, is no easy task, but it's one that the casting department of Stranger Things absolutely nailed. And while it's always preferable that the actors on a series have great rapport, it looks like the kids of Stranger Things went beyond that to form one heck of a friendship.

Take a look below at some of the times the kids (and, ok some of the adults too!) of Stranger Things proved their friendship was so much more than acting:

When they hung out together on and off the set

When Gaten Matarazzo showed us the start of his Stranger Things scrapbook and it proved he WAS Dustin

When they were all total goofballs

When the onscreen siblings showed their love

When Jonathon and Steve were enemies on the show but bros in real life

When Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) wished a happy Father's Day to her 'papa'

When a bunch of them truly channeled 1983 by watching the new Star Wars together

When Eleven happily reunited with papa for a father/daughter duck face

When they got all dressed up and hit the premiere together

When Finn Wolfhard (Mike) freaked out over Chloe Grace Moretz being a fan of the show and tagged all the other stars

When they reunited for some summer fun

When even the non-D&D players decided to give it a go ... Or at least pretended to!

When they got all arty at the aquarium

When they supported each others other projects

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