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Every celeb on the internet has their medium of choice: There are those who only tweet, those who snap — looking at you, Kim —, those who would even confirm their relationship via Instagram, or those who do a savvy little mix of all platforms. Twitter might be the best, however, for throwing quick and snarky comments into the world.

Now, you might have a favorite celeb to follow already, but let me introduce you to the online world of Christine Teigen, a.k.a. Chrissy, bombastic Sports Illustrated model, Lip Sync Battle host, wife of Grammy winner John Legend and proud mommy of the adorable Luna.

Chrissy Teigen's Twitter Skillfully Mixes Humor And Important Causes

Ever since the dawn of social media, there's been a constant debate on what famous people should actually use their status power for: Should a musician be content with posting updates about their music? What if they take a stance on the latest political issue? Once they do that, though, they can quickly be expected to express themselves about new issues as well, and seem suspiciously silent when they don't.

That's also when things can get quite heated, to say the least, as we all know all too well the phenomenon of online trolls who will drown their poor victim in hate in less time than it takes to say "female ghostbusters."

As a result, there's not that many online personas that manage to find a balance between lighthearted entertainment and participation in current debates, all the while staying above the awful comments that one gets when one is followed by a million or two.

What's It Like To Be Famous? Chrissy Is Here For You

Recently, Chrissy Teigen was apparently jet-lagged and took the extra awake time to answer a bunch of random questions about what it is like to be famous. Can you ask a famous person for their number? Do celebs gossip about each other? She's got you covered.

Fishing out these answers alone is quite a cool feat, but taking the time to give us a sneak peek into the fame life is actually amazing. We want other celebs to play the game, too! For starters, she should be in some sort of Twitter competition with Ryan Reynolds.

Just compare this:

To this:

Calling Out Twitter For Managing Hateful Speech

More importantly than the fame 101 class, however, Teigen took to Twitter to call out the service as they were slow to react to the online abuse faced by Leslie Jones, star of the recent reboot of Ghostbusters. The actress saw the worst of shameless racism hurled at her under the cover of "free speech," going as far as being credit for photoshopped tweets she didn't write, and called out Twitter for not taking any measures to do more than freeze the trolls' accounts.

Eventually, the platform banned some users for their disgusting behavior — thanks to initiatives such as the hashtag, and the reaction of celebs such as Teigen. Which matters not only because celebs can reach so many people, but also because they can share that they've had similar experiences — for example dismissing the claim that all you need to do is "toughen up."

In Selena's words, it's great to see a celebrity using their voice for something that matters! So thank you, Chrissy Teigen, for keeping Twitter a funny and appealing place. And also for being hilarious — yes, there's a time she engaged in a blender war.

Which celebrities do you follow on Twitter? Do you wish more of them would speak out about issues that matter to you?


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