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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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From the low-budget shock of the first Saw movie to the dizzy excesses of Saw 3D, the franchise has been highly enjoyable and ludicrously profitable. So much so, in fact, that we're finally getting an eighth installment, Saw 8: Legacy. We're getting another 'New Beginning'...

Saw 8: Legacy, the eigth Saw movie in the franchise, has inspired some creative fans to make great Saw 8 poster art. In lieu of any official poster release — well, Saw 8 isn't out until Halloween 2017 — check out eight cool fan-made posters to feast your eyes on until we're granted something official!

1. Saw 8: Shattered Legacy

Artist: Callum O’Brien, Eternal Winter

Tagline: One Last Game

2. Saw 8: Bloody Legacy

Artist: thejigsawrlm

Tagline: Game Over

3. Saw 8: Tortured Legacy

Artist: DMPettitDesigns

Tagline: And You Thought It Was Over

4. Saw 8: Playful Legacy

Source: Blogspot (Cannot find who made this poster — get in touch if you know who it was!)

Tagline: The Game Just Entered Sudden Death

5. Saw 8: Hidden Legacy

Artist: retro-gamer

Tagline: Not Dead Yet...

6. Saw 8: Hungry Legacy

Artist: ArNoBoOo

Tagline: Todo Puzzle Tiene Sus Piezas (''Every puzzle has its pieces'')

7. Saw 8: Watchful Legacy

Artist: guy8891

Tagline: Will You Survive The Game?

8. Saw 8: Minimalist Legacy

Artist: BryanZap


How do you think 'Saw 8: Legacy' will stand up to the previous Saw movies?

Have you seen any amazing fan designs for a Saw 8 poster, and what do you hope to see in the official one?

Source: DeviantArt, Eternal Winter, Halloween Costumes


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