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Now that American Horror Story 7 has been confirmed, the clock is ticking. We scoured every promo for the Season 6 theme to no avail, but that won't stop us from trying to pin down the setting for AHS 7. Check out 7 more ideas for AHS 7.

1. American Horror Story: Boarding School

Setting: A girls' private school in upmarket New Hampshire, the 1970s.

Lead role: Chloe Sevigny as a creepy, slightly pervy schoolmarm who continuously entangles herself in the girls' private lives. A seedy background of porn, drugged-out hippies and punks from the nearby town provides both a threat and a promise of escape for the sheltered innocents of the crumbling old school.

Vibes: Picnic at Hanging Rock, Innocence, Cracks

Boarding School inspiration from Eva Green in Cracks. Image: IFC Films
Boarding School inspiration from Eva Green in Cracks. Image: IFC Films

2. American Horror Story: Dixie

Setting: Some godforsaken outpost as the windswept antebellum South lurches through the Civil War.

Lead role: Cheyenne Jackson as a Choctaw soldier with split loyalties in the confederate army, faced with men eating their comrades from hunger and commanders obsessed with the continuation of slavery.

Vibes: Ravenous, The Revenant, 1001 Maniacs

Times were tough in the American Civil War. Image: Listverse
Times were tough in the American Civil War. Image: Listverse

3. American Horror Story: Plague

Setting: A creepy, wooded village embroiled in the violence of a warring nation in Late Medieval England.

Lead role: Evan Peters as a young doctor trying to stem the tide of the bubonic plague and mercenary soldiers trampling through his village towards the Hundred Years War. Kathy Bates as a washer woman forming a resistance to the zealous witch hunters of the age.

Vibes: Black Death, Game of Thrones, The Seventh Seal

A plague doctor's mask. Image: Wiki
A plague doctor's mask. Image: Wiki

4. American Horror Story: Poorhouse

Setting: Victorian England, with the shadow of The Ripper looming large in every alleyway. A group of traveling American dancers are caught in the midst of the London drama.

Lead role: Lily Rabe as the cruel woman running the home for orphaned and wayward girls, and Lady Gaga as a working girl who escaped the clutches of the Ripper. The poorhouse, in impoverished Victorian Whitechapel, seems to have some strange connection to the Ripper who stalks the shadows...

Vibes: Pandora's Box, Tipping the Velvet, The Elephant Man

Image: Dark in the Dark
Image: Dark in the Dark

5. American Horror Story: Field Hospital

Setting: A field hospital during the Blitz seems to be a point of supernatural disturbance, and a place where "the nobility of war" goes to die.

Lead role: Frances Conroy as a faithful nurse, dedicating her life to protecting the wounded American soldiers under her care. Nobody believes her when odd things start to happen, and with no way to get help from the outside world, her team of sisters and crippled soldiers must withstand the danger alone.

Vibes: R-Point, Inglourious Basterds, Saving Private Ryan

Image: Tumblr
Image: Tumblr

6. American Horror Story: Pageant

Setting: A glitzy beauty pageant in Texas where young beauties are dropping like flies. Who or what is killing the charming youngsters of the Li'l Miss contest?

Lead role: Vera Farmiga as an embittered ex-contestant trying to win back her former glory through her young protegees. Expect steel-clawed bitchiness and sizzling social commentary. Denis O'Hare as a pervy old judge would make a welcome addition.

Vibes: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey, I Know What You Did Last Summer

Image: New Line Cinema
Image: New Line Cinema

7. American Horror Story: Island Of Sorrow

Setting: An island in an unknown location, where a seafaring crew end up shipwrecked on an archaeological mission. I'm thinking Agatha Christie styling for this one.

Lead role: Jamie Brewer (Where is she? Bring her back!) as the leader of a group of island natives who make trouble for young explorer Taissa Farmiga when her ship runs aground.

Vibes: Lord of the Flies, Lost, The Breed, The Rezort, Tomb Raider

Image: Continental Distributing
Image: Continental Distributing

If you're struggling to come up with ideas on what the next theme should be, then check out some of the most fucked up moments from American Horror Story in the video below:

What do you think the American Horror Story 7 theme should be?


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