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Trailers and TV spots are coming thick and fast for the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Whilst we will have to wait until August 5 to really see who is playing who, casting rumours are abuzz on who Ike Barinholtz is playing. The Mindy Project alumni was cast in a mysterious role alongside Scott Eastwood last year, and the wait is nearly over to see who both of them are playing. The latest trailer for the film pits Barinholtz against Will Smith's "Only my friends call me Floyd" Deadshot, and seemingly reveals Barinholtz's role.

Barinholtz told We Got This Covered:

I have David Ayer in my head being like, ‘I’m going to kill you if you say anything,” said Barinholtz. “I can say it’s probably not who you think it is. I can say that he’s definitely someone that people will not like, and he is someone who likes to really mess with people — likes to really hurt people and [frick] them up.

Whilst we already know plenty about Deadshot, the latest trailer brings Will Smith front and centre, playing out his 'interesting' relationship with Barinholtz's character. It looks like Ike is playing your bog-standard prison C.O., but in a film full of 'jokers', we aren't quite convinced.

The 'Official' Word

According to DC, Barinholtz is playing Captain Griggs, a small-time DC character. Keith Griggs is an Air Force officer with ties to Steve Trevor, Diana Prince, Etta Candy and Lauren Haley. The site's intel comes from an undisclosed German movie site, but it sounds pretty legit. The only problem is the move from Air Force to prison guard - D.C. could just be using the name rather than the actual backstory.

However, given the secrecy surrounding Barinholtz's role, it seems unlikely he'd be playing such a minor DC character. We have a few theories about who his sadistic character might be...


Let's open the floor to the other theories, starting with Everyman. Also known as Hannibal Bates (a combo of Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates), Everyman is a character that HAS to enter the realms of cinema some time soon. Bates is a shapeshifter with a penchant for devouring body parts. After eating his victims, Bates can that transform into them, so in a film with the magical powers of Enchantress and Katana, chameleon-esque powers seems like a logical fit.

Everyman only has to devour a small part of his victims to transform into them- a strand of hair would suffice. Notice that Barinholtz says there are 'toenails' in Deadshot's food; this could just be a throwaway gross line, but it could also be a subtle clue to Everyman's gastronomic powers. Unfortunately, Everyman is more used to the Arrowverse and appeared in The Flash's first season. Everyman was famously involved in the comic book plot of posing as Oliver Queen and attempting to kill Black Canary on their wedding night.

Professor Pyg

A secondary image emerged online of Barinholtz in completely different attire, throwing the rumour mill back into overdrive. He could simply be off duty, but with his crisp white suite and curled moustache, he looks creepy A.F. The background shows a man clad in a butcher's apron, so could Barinholtz be playing someone with a tie to butchery? Enter Professor Pyg!

Lazlo Valentin was a low-rent circus boss who began lobotomising his victims into genderless dolls! Waller's let's have some fun speech and the torture of Deadshot at Belle Reve definitely implies that the guards have something going on on the side, but lobotomies might be a little too far.

Someone Higher Up

That white suit just screams mob boss - Maroni/Falcone? Unfortunately it doesn't really fit the M.O., it would be pretty much impossible for a mob boss to masquerade as a prison officer- also, why would you?! If you look at the butcher picture, Barinholtz doesn't exactly look too happy. Flipping it on its head, could this be his character about to get their comeuppance? Deadshot did promise to "rain down" on Barinholtz, and that isn't man you want to cross! Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the Joker meat locker scene has some poor soul about to be shown Jared Leto's 'toys' - voila, we have an outfit match for Ike. The comics have the character of Monty who runs Joker's empire in Arkham, letting it go down the pan. None too happy, Monty gets unfortunately skinned alive. It would explain the butchery and the hanging meat, plus would hype up the film's PG-13 rating!

Not This Guy!

What we do know is that Barinholtz WON'T be playing twisted psychiatrist/mad scientist, Doctor Hugo Strange. Seeing him in full prison attire pretty much debunks the rumour that he would be playing Strange, as it isn't exactly a psychiatrist's outfit. Also, B.D. Wong played the character in the second season of Gotham and D.C. try their best not to cross the streams of their universes, having Strange appear so soon after would be highly unlikely!

So, who is he? As we see Barinholtz toy with Deadshot it fits the 'people won't like him' description; as for the "not who you think it is", we certainly didn't expect him to be playing some prison grunt, so that is a tick too. If Barinholtz is your bog-standard C.O. then boo hiss Warner Bros., boo hiss indeed! We are gunning for the skinned alive theory as that would be a pretty epic send-off for what looks like a lackluster character. We only have a few weeks to wait, so keep 'em peeled Bat-fans.

Who do you think Ike Barinholtz will be playing in Suicide Squad? Sound off below!


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