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Game of Thrones is arguably most well known for killing off its popular characters. But what it should be known for is the depth of its characters. While most shows have clearly defined villains and heroes, HBO's hit fantasy show brings characters that are complex in their thoughts and actions. This makes them more than just characters on a screen. It makes them human. Almost every character has both dark and light within them, the potential for good or evil. It's their choices that make them what they are. And these are six characters who, despite their flaws, deserve the title of the hero.

1. Jon Snow Is Indisputably A Real Hero

There is one character that is indisputably a hero: Jon Snow. Jon Snow is both honorable and noble. Every decision he makes is for the good of others. He gives up a life with his one true love in order to do his duty. He went against the grain, saving many Wildlings from the White Walkers. He died (and was resurrected) for his honor and bravery. When an entire army was charging towards him, he simply drew his sword, ready to face them alone. You can't deny it, Jon Snow is a hero and that is not up for debate.

2. Brienne of Tarth Puts Others' Lives Before Her Own

There is no way that this woman is not a hero. She possesses all of the traits; she is strong, brave and honorable. This is a woman who is fiercely loyal, and will always keep true to her word no matter what the cost to her personal life. If that means potentially fighting the man she loves, she will do it. Not to mention she is excellent with a sword, proving to be an excellent match against Jaime Lannister, as well as defeating Sandor Clegane in battle.

3. Ser Davos Seaworth Is The Best Father Figure in Westeros

Westeros is filled to the brim with horrible fathers, but this guy is one of the few good ones. Even though the Princess Shireen was not his own daughter, Davos treated her as such. He was kinder to her than her own family. She was his best friend, teaching him to read so that he might be of better use to his King. And while he was loyal to Stannis, he also was intelligent. He knew when there was someone who should be listened to more than the eldest Baratheon. He helped bring Jon Snow back from the dead, protecting his body from the entirety of the Night's Watch. Keep in mind that he barely knew Jon at the time, and that all he knew was that he was noble and did not deserve to die. Ser Davos Seaworth is kind and true, and will always do what is morally right. These are rare traits in the Seven Kingdoms.

4. Daenerys Targaryen Stands Against All Injustices

Some may argue that her methods are sometimes questionable but the Mother of Dragons always has the best intentions. She rose quickly from a child to a Dragon Queen, with too many titles to name. She has overcome many obstacles and she has done so without family. Daenerys Targaryen stands against injustice, and as she has said herself, she will fight it with justice. Sometimes this isn't pretty, but she does what needs to be done. She is a ruler and that means making difficult decisions. She leaves the man she loves behind because she knows it isn't smart to have him by her side in Westeros. She fights for equal rights. She's an activist with dragons and no one can't argue against this.

5. The Untraditional Hero Samwell Tarly

Perhaps hero is not the first word that jumps to mind with Sam but it should be. He's a very nervous character and he doesn't need or want adventure. He just wants a quiet life with Gilly and their son in a little cottage with a library. However, that isn't what life has dealt him. Through the seasons he has grown from a fairly cowardly boy to a very strong and brave man. He has even killed a White Walker! Though he has grown stronger, he is still kind and loyal, willing to do anything for those he cares for. He survived being beyond the wall by himself, making it back to Castle Black alive and well. A feat that not many can boast. While he doesn't look the part of a traditional hero, his heart is true.

6. Sansa Stark Overcomes More Than Anyone

Sansa, like Sam, is not your traditional hero. She doesn't use a sword; that doesn't mean she's powerless. She has overcome more than any other character on the show! She has suffered through countless abusive people in her life and she escaped them all. She has grown from a little girl who was always manipulated to a strong woman who knows how to manipulate. She's the one that takes back Winterfell so that the Starks may sit there proudly once more. She's an underdog. Sansa Stark isn't someone you'd expect to be a hero but she's one of the bravest women on the show! She is under-appreciated both by other characters and fans alike; however, this does not hinder her. She will overcome this like she has everything else and people will realize her true power.

Wildcard: Jaime Lannister Has Hero Potential

I've listed the six heroes but this Lannister deserves the title of Wildcard because that's truly what he is. He has been both an antagonist and a protagonist throughout the seasons. We aren't sure which way he will turn permanently. When he is with Cersei, he is ruthless. He's more of a villain than a hero, willing to do many immoral things but when he is away from his sister, he becomes kinder and his bravery is truly shown. Just think back to when in season three he didn't have to go back for Brienne— he was actually ordered against it— but he went anyway. He jumped one-handed, without a sword, into the bear pit. He stood in front of her so that if the bear attacked, it would strike him and not her. And that is why he is a wildcard. At his core, I believe him to be good but Cersei's venomous presence may be enough to turn him evil.

The beauty of Game of Thrones is that no character is perfect. Everyone has made mistakes and poor choices, but these are the six that I think have earned the title of hero.

Who do you think are the top heroes in Westeros? Let me know down in the comments!


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