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Suicide Squad is a mere few weeks away and the teasers are just pouring in. Each teaser is looking more amazing than the last! I personally can't wait. The concept itself is amazing and between that, The Joker, and Harley Quinn, I don't know how I will last these next few weeks! Speaking of Harley, Warner Bros. recently released this new clip completely revolving around her and fans are eating it up:

Margot Robbie is looking absolutely fantastic as Harley! That being said, here are five reasons why Harley Quinn is the ultimate symbol of girl power right now!

1. She's Sexy And She Owns It

There is a massive problem with the media and their sexualization of women. Too often do we see a strong female character unnecessarily sexualized to the point where it's not only offensive, but disgusting. However, this doesn't mean that women can't be sexy! This is where Harley Quinn steps in. Harley is, without a doubt, a sex icon. She's drop-dead gorgeous — from her booty shorts to her bomber jacket. She has a cute, girlish style, yet it's simultaneously very adult. The film's costume designer, Kate Hawley, put it perfectly:

"She's a girl's hero. It was understanding how we make her feel sexy by owning it as opposed to what a man thinks is sexy."

2. She Always Does What She Wants

Harley is an incredibly fun character because she's totally unpredictable. She's wild and if there's something she wants to do, she does it. This is something that she takes to the extreme, but it's a quality that a lot of us can really look up to! How many times have you wanted to do or wear something, but someone told you that you shouldn't? How many times have you kept your opinions to yourself because you were scared of how people would respond? Harley doesn't have this problem — if you don't like what she says or does, she couldn't care less.

3. She's Feminine And Dangerous

In many films and shows women are portrayed as either feminine or powerful. Why can't they be both? The teaser trailer above begins with Harley in an elevator, humming to herself and fixing her hair. Though when she is suddenly attacked, she doesn't even blink. She quickly defends herself and knocks her opponent to the floor. She then proceeds to sigh lovingly at a text she gets from The Joker. It's cute, funny, but amazing to see! Harley has both a lighter and darker side.

4. She's Into The Joker No Matter What Others Think

Women are sometimes thought to be weaker if they are in a relationship. But you can have a strong and independent female character who is also madly in love! And that most definitely describes Harley's fascination with The Joker. It's an odd relationship and one that many don't understand, but she doesn't care. She loves and wants to be with him, and that's all that matters to her.

5. She's A Wildcard

In the end, this is what everything leads up to. She is unpredictable. She does what she wants and she is who she is. She owns every aspect of herself and that's very admirable. We all want to be ourselves, but often are too afraid. While Harley Quinn definitely does some very questionable things, we can all take a page from her book. Be who you are and do what you do. Stay evil, doll-face.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th. Which member of the Squad are you most excited to see? Let me know down in the comments!


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