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Star Trek Beyond will hit theaters this Friday, and it's set to be the biggest entry in the successful film franchise. Early screenings have resulted in plenty of positive buzz, and the promise of evolving characters and a host of new aliens has fans geared up for another riveting adventure alongside Kirk, Spock and the entire crew of the USS Enterprise.

Joining the cast for Beyond is actress Sofia Boutella as Jaylah, a new alien ally to the Enterprise crew. And if you're looking for more info on the movie, then you're in luck, because Movie Pilot went live with the star at San Diego Comic-Con to get an inside look at the upcoming sci-fi adventure.

Since her appearance in last year's Kingsman: The Secret Service, Boutella's become a rising talent to watch, and a big role in a huge franchise movie like Star Trek Beyond marks a major milestone in her career. But it was a challenge for the actress, especially because she wasn't particularly familiar with the series:

"I didn't grow up watching 'Star Trek.' I wasn't a massive fan at all. ... I had to do loads of research and I think afterwards I realized what 'Star Trek' meant, and I'm really proud to be a part of it, to be honest."

Boutella had to go through about four hours of makeup every day to transform into her alien character, but in the end the 34-year-old's dedication and appreciation for the series made it worthwhile. It didn't hurt that she got to work with an all-star cast including Idris Elba, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg. She told us what it was like to work with the amazing team, revealed her thoughts on Pokémon Go, and even gave us a tease of what to expect from her upcoming appearance in Universal's remake of The Mummy. Check out the live video above for all the awesome details!

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this Friday. Are you excited for the new movie? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to visit Super News by Movie Pilot on Facebook for more live videos from San Diego Comic-Con 2016.


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