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I am afraid that you have heard correctly. Following news that Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham may have been planning to move on in the near future, It was announced yesterday, at Comic-Con, that The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end sooner than we had hoped. When I watched the my first episode (what feels like a lifetime ago now) little did I know I would get so emotionally invested. With a ridiculously attractive cast, killer one-liners and its fair share of complicated relationships — the internet had strong opinions to the show's cancellation. After finally (and just about) being able to cope with the sad news, let's look back at the last seven seasons and what made the show so compelling.

The Cast — Then and Now

Comic-Con 2009
Comic-Con 2009

We've seen everything from witches to doppelgängers, hybrids and heretics; everyone who has graced our screens have suited their role perfectly. The book series, upon which the show is based, described Elena Gilbert as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed teen and a flame-haired Bonnie Bennett who was the true love of Damon Salvatore. Julie Plec changed the image that fans may have already cast in their minds and perhaps improved upon it. TVD had its fair share of drama over the years with character deaths and Nina Dobrev's exit after Season 6. Losing a main character, I believe, made the show stronger and showed us what the supporting cast had to offer. Saying that, I truly hope Nina makes a cameo in the final season — we need to know what happens between her and Damon of course!

Comic-Con 2016
Comic-Con 2016

Here we are, seven years later, with spin-offs, old favorites and new additions. The show has helped the cast rise to fame, develop their careers further, set up charities, spread the word about important causes and become icons for Fangirls everywhere (yes, I'm looking at you Ian Somerhalder!) It has been great to seem them do so well off-screen as well as on. Did you know Kat Graham (Bonnie) and Michael Malarkey (Enzo) are both musicians?

Looking back now, would you have made any changes to casting or characters? I would love to read your ideas so let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Fan Favorite Team-Ups

Klaus and Caroline

There is still time for another crossover with The Originals, right? Pinterest is bursting at the seams with Klaroline and fans are still willing the romance on. We can kind of see why. Although starting off as enemies and Caroline nearly getting killed in the process, their relationship took an unseen turn. Season 7 has hinted that Caroline may even need to seek Klaus's help to protect the twins. As characters, they are polar opposites. Caroline is a kind hearted stickler-turned-vampire and Klaus has a reputation as one of the shows most notorious villains. With portraits as gifts and talks of being each other's "last love" it is just too adorable to end.

Damon and Bonnie

I may be in the majority here, but I love Bonnie and Damon together. They have moved on from just being "the best friend" and "the boyfriend" and have somewhat settled their differences to become one of the shows greatest team-ups. The turning point for them was The Prison World back in Season 6 — nobody will forget that grocery shop scene for a while — and it showed them (and us) that they were more similar than first thought. Perhaps they are each other's last memory of Elena, or perhaps their friendship has made them so close they are willing to die for each other. Will the writers turn their friendship into a romance? I'm sure we will find out soon enough.

Damon and Alaric

The best bromance in the history of the show, Damon and Alaric became best friends after being drinking buddies. Maybe it was because they were both the only people in the group over 21 or it was despair that brought them closer together; whatever it was, they made a good team. The scene where Damon speaks to Alaric at the Graveside was one of the most heartbreaking. This, hands down, is my favorite scene from over the years.

The Characters

The show has given the characters some difficult storylines across the seasons and we have really grown to admire them. Their complex backgrounds were, more or less, explained on an individual level, meaning we could see them develop as (fictional) people. Damon's struggle from being a ruthless, bad, big brother to a good one. Enzo's ongoing need to discover his family and learning to be less trusting of others. Even Matt toughened up and got to the point where he could make a stand. It all made for good viewing — who was your favorite?

What Do We Do Now?

Let's face it, we could talk forever about The Salvatores and Mystic Falls, but all good things must come to an end. Cheer up fellow fang fans, we still have Season 8, and 16 more episodes to go, premiering on October 21st 2016 on The CW. Sadly for us the UK, we will have to wait a little longer. (*sobs*) Let's celebrate the last seven years of the show and the fact it is ending on a high.

What has been your favorite memory of the show? Let me know in the comments!

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