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San Diego Comic-Con is here, and you know what that means: A nonstop flood of all things pop culture! From the outdoor IMAX premiere of Star Trek Beyond, to the Game of Thrones scavenger hunt, no one is holding back when it comes to interactive fan events this year. Least of all is Comedy Central's bawdy animated sitcom South Park, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016.

In honor of this massive milestone anniversary, Comedy Central and Hulu are bringing a little taste of Colorado to San Diego with the South Park 20 Experience at Martin Luther King, Jr. Promenade. And in true South Park fashion, the event is completely over the top and balls to the wall in the best possible way.

In the sweltering San Diego Comic-Con heat, guests are transported to the snowy, two-dimensional landscape of South Park. The event has a relatively short wait time — at least, by Comic-Con standards — and only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Having gone through it myself, I can honestly say the experience is more than worth the time spent in line.

The South Park 20 Experience offers fans the chance to immerse themselves in the world of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Indeed, visitors can take photos with live-sized cutouts of South Park characters in 20 of the show’s most iconic and provocative moments.

Whether you’re sitting on a throne next to your BFF Satan or bouncing gleefully upon a pair of giant balls next to Randy Marsh, the walk-through is essentially one long social-media-worthy photo opportunity — and it's freakin' awesome.

Because I don't want to spoil the entire event for those of you who will be able to make it in person, I'm just going to run down a few of my personal favorite installations.

Cartman With The Anal Probe

“Cartman Gets an Anal Probe”
Season 1, Episode 1

Naturally, we started at the birth of South Park and the episode that started it all.

Jesus, Santa And Mr. Hanky

“Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics” and "Red Sleigh Down”
Season 3, Episode 15 and Season 6, Episode 17

It's not Christmas without Santa, Jesus and — most importantly — Mr. Hankey. Leave it to South Park to take a piece of poop and turn it into a prominent holiday figure.

Tenorman’s Chili

“Scott Tenorman Must Die”
Season 5, Episode 1

This bowl of Tenorman chili looked absolutely disgusting in real life. And I loved it. Please note the delicately placed finger of Mrs. Tenorman in the bowl.

Birth Of Professor Chaos

“Professor Chaos” and “The Simpsons Already Did It”
Season 6, Episode 6 and Season 6, Episode 7

Professor Chaos wreaks havoc on San Diego!

Cartman And Jennifer Lopez

“Fat Butt and Pancake Head”
Season 7, Episode 5

I was finally able to get some taco-flavor kisses from Jennifer Lopez in real life. It was truly a star-studded event.

Boys As Ninjas

“Good Times with Weapons”
Season 8, Episode 1

The boys and their authentic weapons from the Far East.

Randy And His Balls

“Medicinal Fried Chicken”
Season 14, Episode 3

You haven't lived until you've bounced on a giant pair of balls with Randy Marsh.

PC Principal

“Stunning and Brave”
Season 19, Episode 1

PC Principal was easily one of my favorite characters from this past season. Even in cardboard cutout form I could almost hear him yelling at me to check my privilege. You PC, bro?

Boys At The Bus Stop

What would a South Park event be without this iconic image?

Just a stone's throw away at the San Diego Wine & Culinary Event Center is a South Park-themed art gallery curated by Ron English, a South Park marathon viewing lounge, and a charging station — an absolute must — all sponsored by Hulu.

So if you're a fan of South Park and lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic-Con this year, be sure to check out the South Park 20 Experience. Much like Kanye West jumping into the ocean and embracing his life as a gay fish, or Lemmiwinks navigating his way through Mr. Slave's anal cavity, the South Park 20 Experience is not to be missed.

What's your all-time favorite South Park moment? Let me know in the comments section!


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