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While many fans of the The Purge films are still debating about whether the second or third film was better (because no one likes the first film), there are those of us out there trying to figure out what the fourth film will be about. The Purge: Election Year has some pretty crazy plot lines so, I have no doubt that the next film will be pushing the envelope as well. Below are four bizarre plot lines that could pop up in the next purge movie.

1. The Purge: Revolt!

At the end of The Purge: Election Year, Senator Charlie Roan is elected president. We can assume that she is going to start her campaign to abolish the bloody purge event that takes place every year. However, we hear a radio broadcast at the end of the film that says people are protesting the anti-purge idea. It's not far-fetched to believe that the fourth film could be about how bloodthirsty citizens revolt after The Purge is abolished, which causes more bloodshed than ever before! This would bring the film franchise full circle and might even give it a NC-17 rating in process.

2. The Purge: The War

Maybe the revolt to bring back the purge will be a little more civilized. Maybe, President Roan will organize an official war so both sides can battle it out and whoever wins will be the deciding factor in whether people continue to purge or not. I can see some pretty epic battle scenes involved in this idea and I'm sure it would be unlike any battle we've ever seen in the movies before.

3. The Purge: The Donald Trump Years

After catching Donald Trumps speech at the RNC recently, I'm convinced that something remotely similar to the purge could be coming our way. With Trump saying he would want to round up Mexicans and Muslims in internment camps to "keep Americans safe" how far off would it be to assume he might consider mass murder as a solution to American problems?

The Purge: The Donald Trump Years would only be appealing if he DOESN'T actually become president. It would provide us with a glimpse of what America would look like if he did win. If Trump did become president, scratch this idea, because the America we'd be living in would be far too scary to make fun of.

4. The Purge: Hollywood Edition

Now, this might be the most exploitative theme for the franchise, but it still could be a ton of fun! What if The Purge franchise took their satirical nature even further and did a movie on what Hollywood looks like during Purge night? So far, we've only got a look at what ordinary people or political figures go through on purge night, but what about the Kardashians? Would they stay sealed up in their million dollar mansions or go cut down other celebrity rivals or "commoners?" It be fun to speculate who would be on Kanye West's hit list! This idea may be too cheap for the theaters, but if the franchise ever turns into a D-list direct-to-DVD series, this might be an idea to explore.

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