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Star Trek: Beyond

So guys, after a lengthy hiatus I'm back, and what better way to return than with a Star Trek: Beyond review. Let's get to it.

I've just returned from a late night showing of Beyond here in NYC, and I was ambivalent about going. I'll be the first to tell you that the first trailer turned me off, as it did many others. I even wrote an unfavorable piece on it which invoked the wrath of a particularly douchey guy on Twitter.

I digress. Rest assured, guys and girls, Star Trek: Beyond was excellent, and despite the shitty first trailer and poorly received Into Darkness Beyond has somehow managed to claw it's way into a slot on my favorite Star Trek movies list, so what worked here, let's discuss.


The crew of the Enterprise has always been the beating heart of Star Trek, since TOS it's been a story about people, and that was able to really shine through in this film; especially after the epic destruction of the Enterprise.

The resulting pairings were truly wonderful, Bones and Spock were an excellent duo, and Kirk and Chekov were just as good. Scotty and Jaylah were also a strong pairing. It was the attention paid to the chemistry between people, that the movie worked in spades. Sometimes strange pairings can work wonders. We've seen Kirk and Spock work together before, but it's excellent to see some of the other crew members working together. Its a fresh take on an old franchise, and it worked.


The action was, for the most part, great, no doubt thanks to Justin Lin. Even some of the sillier pieces worked, such as the motorcycle scene seen in the trailer, and the scene involving the Beastie Boys, normally I would have rolled my eyes a bit at such scenes but thanks to the tone of the movie and the well directed scenes I was just fine with sitting there and enjoying. The tone of the movie was key to making these scenes work, it had to hit the right note of serious yet full of humor, and it hit that nail on the head thanks in large part to the pairing of Bones and Spock, guys, this movie is pretty funny and got more than a few solid laughs out of the crowd in my theater. Also on a side note the new warp animation was pretty cool too.


So on to the villain, Krall, he served his purpose well, but was a one note villain. Idris Elba was wonderful as always but unfortunately just wasn't used to his full potential. He's Stringer Bell for Christ's sake! His motivations didn't necessarily seem nefarious enough, but hell at least it wasn't Khan again.

On that note, Into Darkness was mostly ignored in this film and it seems like the slate has been wiped clean. Hopefully they're merely delaying until a wonderfully written movie can manifest the return of Khan in a much better way.

So there you go, guys. Go see Beyond. In fact, get your asses to the theater and enjoy the movie. It's a fitting way to celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary.


Now I'm not saying every single Star Trek fan out there is going to love this movie, the action hasn't let up any but keep an open mind and remember, this is as Trek as we got right now, remember, it wasn't so long ago that most people believed we'd never see these characters or this ship again, but thanks to this new series not only do we get to spend time with our favorite crew but it's cool again and has bred an entire new generation of Star Trek fans, and thanks to that we get a new TV series, something many believed would never happen, so for that fact these rebooted movies are special.

Whether you love them or hate them, Star Trek went from Dead on Arrival to alive and kicking, so next time you want to say "This isn't Trek" remember a time when there was no Trek.

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