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No self-respecting eternal teenager would be caught dead wearing clothes they bought back in the barren fashion desert that was the early '00s, and Hey Arnold himself is no exception.

The football headed fashionista is returning to our screens for the long-awaited Jungle Movie and the original writer and creator, Craig Bartlett, is back on-side to ensure his characters are properly attired for their triumphant comeback.

But first, let's go back to the school yard to remember the fine threads the crew were wearing back in 1996 when the series first aired:

But, What Do They Look Like Now?

Nickelodeon clearly knows its audience because the changes in Arnold and his gang's garb are subtle and in keeping with the original show to retain those sweet nostalgic feels. So, without further ado, let's check out the not so extreme makeover below.

Gerald Loses That Marge Simpson Beehive

Gerald has always been pretty fashion forward with his early acceptance of skinny jeans, but what's changed about the slickest sidekick around's look?

  • The Hair: One of the most noticeable features of Gerald's fresh new look is the sweet wedge that his distinctive high high-top hair style has been snipped into. Bye bye Marge Simpson realness!
  • The Hoodie: Out with the oversized jersey (sorry Justin Bieber, but this shit is getting passé) and in with the universal fashion staple, the hoodie.
  • The Shoes: I literally have no idea what Gerald was wearing on his feet before but I'm glad he's embraced some sweet high top kicks to complete his new styling. Damn Daniel!

Helga's Eyebrow Game Still Strong!

My favorite animated character of all time is still rocking that strong brow and bunches combo like the fierce female she is, but there are a few subtle changes to her all around look.

  • The White T: Helga knows that nobody but grandmothers and dog walkers wear roll necks anymore, so her white t-shirt has been given a sleek new round neck cut.
  • The Dress: The iconic pink dress has been given an entirely new cut and has a totes on trend ombre hem. I own a garment like this, so naturally I am incredibly happy with this decision.
  • The Shoes: Those weird verruca sock looking slip ons have been swapped for some converse style red sneakers to complete the look.

Phoebe's '50s Styling

Often relegated as the slightly nerdy sidekick (because glasses, duh), Phoebe has risen like a retro-inspired fashion phoenix. Not sure how appropriate this is for the jungle, but whatever!

  • The Hair: Phoebe's hair has grown a bit over the years and her hair bobble has been matched to her retro cat-eyed spectacles.
  • The Dress: The Victorian night gown that Phoebe used to for some reason wear to school has been replaced with a '50s style ensemble complete with a preppy white polo shirt, a jean jacket and a pleated A-line skirt. So chic!
  • The Shoes: Phoebe has also coordinated her shoes with her specs for her trip to the jungle.

Arnold Finally De-skirts!

Arnold clearly got sick of all those questions about his kilt/skirt/shirt because the new redesign clears things up once and for all, adding some urban attitude to the outfit.

  • The Shirt: The most confusing shirt in history has been given a total revamp to make it look more, well, shirty. Layering is in now, right?
  • The T-Shirt: Arnold is still sporting his long-sleeved t-shirt/sweater but he's paired it with some sort of sports jacket that looks pretty dope with that tiny hat.
  • The Shoes: Looks like red shoes are a bit thing for this gang (sry Phoebe) because Arnold is also sporting some shiny new scarlet sneakers.

Check out the whole clan together again after all these years in the first look image from Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie below:

Hey Arnold: A new look on old steps
Hey Arnold: A new look on old steps

What do you want to see in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie?

(Source: Variety)


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