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There can be no Rocky Horror Picture Show without Tim Curry, and luckily, there won't be! The latest trailer for Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show adaptation finally gave us a glimpse of the original Dr. Frank-N-Furter in his new role as the Criminologist, and it was just as nostalgic and thrilling as we'd hoped it would be.

Watch the whole thing right now:

Unlike the previous trailers, this one gives a huge emphasis on the best part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show: audience participation. Actually seeing the shouting, costumed fans sitting in a glamorous theater was a welcome addition to the original story. Plus, they did manage to include the OTHER best part of Rocky Horror: Tim Curry.

The Original Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Tim Curry, 1975 / Laverne Cox, 2016
Tim Curry, 1975 / Laverne Cox, 2016

(Want more side by side images of the cast? Check out the RHPS cast now and then.)

While countless performers — professional and amateur — have wriggled into the Dr. Frank-N-Furter fishnets, it was Tim Curry who originated the role on stage in London in 1973. He had been making audiences shiver for two whole years before the Rocky Horror Picture Show hit theaters in 1975, and then continued to do so for another 40, as RHPS became one of the biggest cult movie phenomena of all time.

Curry, 70, suffered a stroke in 2012, which many fans worried might prevent him from working again. Luckily, he now uses a wheelchair and seems to be in great health.

The Ultimate Criminologist

Charles Gray, 1975 / Tim Curry, 2016
Charles Gray, 1975 / Tim Curry, 2016

The Criminologist might not be everyone's first choice when dressing up as an RHPS character, but he's nonetheless integral to the story. Without him, who would teach us the Time Warp!?

While we'll all miss Tim Curry strutting around in a corset and snapping his rubber gloves, his current age makes him the ideal person to be playing the Criminologist. We might all know every line already, but there's still no other narrator that could do the job. Charles Gray was great and everything, but Tim Curry is a legend.

If Tim Curry is giving this new RHPS adaptation his stamp of approval, that's good enough for me!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake will premiere on Halloween on Fox.


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