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Over the years, surrealist filmmaker David Lynch has created some unique, distinctive and often absolutely petrifying characters.

This list is an appreciation of some of these characters — the most bizarre and utterly terrifying creations of David Lynch's weird and wonderful mind; six of his scariest villains. So without further ado, here it is:

6. The Figure Behind Winkie's In Mulholland Drive (2001)

Portrayed by: Bonnie Aarons

What makes her so scary: The homeless figure behind Winkie's appears only sporadically throughout Mulholland Drive (2001) and is never actually seen speaking.

Although the character is not a traditional villain per se, it represents the revealing and shocking truth of what happens to shattered and unfilled dreams, to those people left with a disillusioned mind because of relentlessly chasing these dreams.

5. Mystery Man In Lost Highway (1997)

Portrayed by: Robert Blake

What makes him so scary: Trust me, the party scene in Lost Highway (1997), featuring the Mystery Man, is one of the most chilling moments you'll ever experience in any film.

In a typical Lynch fashion, the Mystery Man is an ambiguous character whose intentions are never revealed throughout the film. However, one thing is for certain, Robert Blake's performance is a masterful manifestation of psychological horror.

Moreover, in how many movies can you see a character laughing both in person and on the phone at same time?

4. Bobby Peru In Wild At Heart (1990)

Portrayed by: Willem Dafoe

What makes him so scary: Bobby Peru is the perfect David Lynch villain — sadistic, horrifying and physically disgusting.

A character who kills others just for the sick pleasure that comes with it and is no stranger to committing acts of sexual harassment. Peru is incapable of feeling empathy or remorse, as he displays only true cruelty.

3. The Baby In Eraserhead (1977)

Portrayed by: N/A

What makes it so scary: Eraserhead (1977) marked Lynch's directorial debut and also established his trademark penchant for disgusting and shocking audiences.

Similar to other entries on this list, the baby is not a definitive villain, but it is still the frightening representation of the inescapable, nightmarish prison that responsibility imposes on people .

The baby is so deformed that it doesn't even look human and its entry into the main character's life, Spencer (Jack Nance), tortures him up to the point that the he ends up both physically and psychologically jaded.

2. Frank Booth In Blue Velvet (1986)

Portrayed by: Dennis Hopper

What makes him so scary: Playing Frank Booth was a performance which revitalized the late, great Dennis Hopper's career and still haunts audiences to this day. It is rare to see a character so uniquely psychotic, sadistic, violent, misogynistic, as well as jaded by his sexual desires.

A villain who definitely leaves a lasting impression, because of Booth, using a gas tank will never have the same meaning again.

1. Killer Bob Twin Peaks (1990)

Portrayed by: Frank Silva

What makes him so scary: Killer Bob is the ultimate embodiment of pure evil. Bob is a demonic entity who can posses human beings and he only takes pleasure in committing rape and murder, as well as causing total chaos.

Bob was portrayed by the late Frank Silva — a set dresser, who after accidentally appearing in a scene of the Twin Peaks pilot, was deemed so menacing by David Lynch, that he decided to make him the main villain of the show.

So, there you have it, I hope you've enjoyed reading! What is your favorite David Lynch character?


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