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We're just hours away from the brand new trailer for Season 7 of The Walking Dead being launched upon us at San Diego Comic-Con, and after seeing a newly released promo for the trailer I'm basically frothing with excitement.

That's right, AMC have released a lovely teaser trailer on Twitter, and though it technically shows new footage, it's all of a scene we're very much familiar with: Negan's lucky 11. Take a look below:

All the main cast members involved in the scene make an appearance in the teaser, which is positively dripping with tension. From the beads of sweat on Rick's face, to the single tear running down Michonne's cheek ,the whole group look, to be honest, absolutely broken. But then again that was basically the idea of the whole scene - breaking down a group who almost saw themselves as unbreakable.

Michonne sheds a single tear [AMC]
Michonne sheds a single tear [AMC]

While the Negan scene makes up the entire teaser trailer, I have my doubts that the group will feature prominently in the actual trailer which is due to premiere today around 1pm PST. The actual trailer is more likely to mainly feature characters not involved in the line up, which opens up the potential for the trailer to introduce new characters and communities.

However, during Skybound's The Walking Dead panel at SDCC yesterday, creator Robert Kirkman did confirm to crowds that Rick manages to make it out of Negan's lineup alive (which we basically already knew, but it's still nice to have confirmed), so who knows - perhaps we can expect to see certain characters from the line up in the trailer, and we can officially start narrowing down the list of potential victims!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 in October

Are you pumped for The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer?

Rick bows down [AMC]
Rick bows down [AMC]

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