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From the studio that brought you The Conjuring and The Exorcist comes a new scare that will surely make your heart skip a beat at any given moment.

Rebecca, played by Teresa Palmer, grew up with fears every time the lights went out at night and when her younger brother, portrayed by Gabriel Bateman, is starting to experience the same thing that jeopardize her safety and sanity, she needs to save her brother and mother (Maria Bello) from this mysterious entity who returned to torment their family.

Lights Out is the newest horror offering of Warner Bros. which premiered on July 21, 2016 and here are the reasons why you should watch this short horror flick turned full-length feature film.

5. Intense Movie Monster

After countless horror films with accustomed situations and various movie monsters, Diana manages to make your heart skip a beat every time the lights go out. As the title already suggests, the movie successfully taps into the existing fears of the audience. I mean, what if you encountered a ghost? Or a monster? And what would you do if you saw one?

4. Effective Integrated Elements

The movie isn't just about Diana and variations in light, it also deals with acceptance, forgiveness and mental illness that caused their whole family drama. It's not a full-blown horror film but rather a family drama with a scary undertone.

3. Simply Compounding

With all these combined elements, such as a mentally ill woman who befriends a haunted creature while trying to make things work for her children, it's hard not to be picky at some times. However, the movie handles it very well by just keeping it simple. The movie is straight to the point and is able to hold the audience's interest until the very end. There aren't any moments that'll make you want to take a nap.

2. Coherent Storytelling

The creators of Lights Out have managed to keep everything very simple, yet it surprisingly hasn't made the movie boring. The storytelling was very coherent, you will not bother to blink for you might miss something from the movie.

1. Effective Characters

Last but not the least - the movie's characters. It's always been a ritual in every horror film to have a frightened brother, a strong and independent sister and a boyfriend that you always expect to die at the end of the movie. Be that as it may but kudos to Lights Out for it successfully managed to break free from horror movie clichés.

Alexander DiPersia's character was very impressive in the film and wait until you witness his scene with Diana. Way to go boyfriend!

Lights Out is a 2016 supernatural horror film directed by David Sandberg and produced by James Wan. It is the scariest summer horror movie of the year and you'll probably sleep with the lights on after seeing this.


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