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It's the week of San Diego Comic-Con which means that it's the greatest week to be a geek. It's the one time in the year that we get dozens of wonderful trailers, glimpses of projects we had only dreamed of, and reveals we could have never imagined. This year, fans are going crazy over all of the Marvel Netflix trailers and teasers that have graced our computer screens (as many of us aren't lucky enough to be there in person). One of those trailers, however, raises more questions than ever before, but most importantly it poses the question: Who is Marvel's Iron Fist? Before we dive in, why don't you feast your eyes on this amazing video featuring Netflix's newest superhero?

It's not even a whole minute long, but it's so good! Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let's learn about Netflix's upcoming Marvel superhero, Iron Fist!

He Had A Traumatic Childhood

Finn Jones will portray Iron Fist on Netflix
Finn Jones will portray Iron Fist on Netflix

Daniel (Danny) Rand, the real name of Iron Fist, was the son of businessman Wendell Rand. As with most superheroes, Danny's father was very important in shaping the future superhero. Wendell had discovered a mystical city in his youth called K'un-Lun, which only appears once every decade. Wendell was allowed to live in the city after he saved the life of the ruler, the Dragon Lord, and was subsequently adopted by him. After years in the city, Wendell fought for the right to challenge the dragon Shou-Lao and become the Iron Fist. Wendell won the right, but never ended up facing off against Shou-Lao, instead deciding to leave the city.

Jump forward several years and Wendell, now a successful businessman, decides to take the 9-year-old Danny, his wife, and his business partner Harold Meachum to the city in the mountains. "Wait a minute," you're saying to your computer screen right now, "I thought you said his childhood was traumatic?" Trust me, this is where it gets really bad. While climbing the mountains to gain access to K'un-Lun, Danny slips and takes his father and mother tumbling down with him. Meachum is in love with Danny's mother and offers to save her and her son, but, knowing he stands to inherit the entire business if Wendell dies, allows Wendell to fall to his death. After witnessing this awful betrayal, Danny's mother refuses help and the two seek a way to K'un-Lun on their own. It is along this path that the pair is attacked by wolves and Danny's mother sacrifices herself to save her son. Even as archers from K'un-Lun arrive to save the two, Danny's mother dies, but Danny himself is rescued and taken to the mystical city.

Danny's Time In K'un-Lun Was Spent Training For Vengeance

Now an orphan, Danny expresses his desire for vengeance to the Dragon Lord Yu-Ti (who if you remember was Wendell's adopted father). Yu-Ti decides to have Danny learn the ways of the ancient warriors and Danny becomes an apprentice to Lei Kung, also known as the Thunderer. Proving to be one of the most promising of Kung's students, Danny conditions his fists by plunging them into buckets of rocks, sand, and gravel to toughen them. After spending ten years in training, the gates back to Earth are about to open again, but in order to take his vengeance, Danny is in need of one more thing beyond his training.

Defeating The Dragon And Becoming The Iron Fist

Remember, long before Danny was set to become the Iron Fist, his father had been set to take up the mantle. In order to become the Iron Fist, Danny also had to earn the right to fight the Dragon Shou-Lao in order to gain access to the dragon's molten heart. During his battle with the powerful dragon, Danny throws himself against the dragon's scar (where the dragon had his heart ripped out) and has a dragon tattoo burned onto his chest. Having killed Shou-Lao the Undying, Danny plunges his hands into the dragon's molten heart which imbues him with the dragon's life energy, granting him multiple abilities.

Iron Fist's Mystical Power And Abilities

With the powers granted to him by the "Iron Fist," Danny can focus his chi to grant him superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, and senses. Add this to his intense training and willpower and Iron Fist is born. But where does the name "Iron Fist" come from? Danny is able to focus his body's natural energy into his fist causing a supernatural glow to encase his hand. While in "Iron Fist" mode, Danny's hands are temporarily invulnerable to injury and pain enabling him to punch with superhuman force. Furthermore, Danny can also focus his chi to heal himself or others and he has been known to be able to telepathically fuse his consciousness with others, as well.

There you have it. There is everything you need to know about Iron Fist before he reaches our screens sometime next year. I hope you learned a little something about the hero before we all inevitably binge watch the show. What did you learn about Iron Fist? What else should fans know before 2017? Let me know in the comments below!


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