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I love this time of year! I feel like I'm starting everything off like that, but its so true that I just have to keep saying it. Although I've never been able to attend San Diego Comic Con, every time it rolls around each year I get so excited! It's a time for us geeks to celebrate and learn about some awesome new developments in the world of our favorite shows and movies. One of the major things to look forward to post-SDCC this year is the future of the Marvel Netflix shows, especially The Defenders.

It might not feature a single frame of footage, but the minute long teaser reveals so much more than we can even know. Now that we can really get excited for the upcoming Netflix series, how about we learn a little more about this team of misfits before they hit our small screens.

Who Are The Defenders?

The Defenders is the name of a superhero team made up of mostly street-level superheroes in New York City. They specialize in taking down mystic and supernatural forces. One of the unique things about the Defenders is that it's a team comprised mostly of misfits and outsiders who usually lead their own solo missions and have their own agendas. Many of them even border on being anti-heroes. Interestingly, the Defenders line-up we'll be seeing in 2017 has never existed in the comics (comics that feature a rotating line up dating all the way back to the 1970s). Some of them have been recurring members, others have only been on the team once, and for one of them, this will be the first time she's officially been considered a "Defender." So who exactly will be on this team of outsiders? Let's meet them!

Who Is Daredevil?

Presumably the leader of the team for its first iteration on screen, Matt Murdock a.k.a. Daredevil is one of the greatest blind superheroes to ever grace our screens. If you've seen his amazing show on Netflix, then you already know all you need to know about him prior to his inclusion on The Defenders.

In the comics, Daredevil has been a recurring member of the team since the '70s. Based on the teaser, we know that the voice belongs to Daredevil's mentor Stick, who in the comics has a long standing rivalry with the villainous group known as The Hand, who appeared in the second season of Daredevil. Given that information and the imagery of the hand behind the word "Defend," it's safe to guess that we'll be seeing the Defenders battle it out against The Hand. Daredevil's calculating mind, martial arts expertise, and exceptional hearing mark him as an invaluable asset to the team. If you want to know more about Daredevil, be sure to check out his show on Netflix - you won't regret it!

Who Is Luke Cage?

Luke Cage was already featured heavily in the Netflix Original Series Jessica Jones, but who exactly is this hero for hire? Luke Cage is a man born and raised on the streets of New York; his superhuman strength and bulletproof skin grant him the ability to take justice to the streets and hopefully clean them up of unwanted filth.

He has a long history with Jessica Jones, both of whom worked as Matt Murdock's bodyguards. They eventually become a couple after what was initially a one-night stand (which the series adaptation incorporated), and more, which I'll get to in a moment. In the comics, Luke Cage is also a close ally of Iron Fist and the make up the superhero duo Heroes for Hire. We'll be seeing more of Luke Cage very soon when we all cry out "Sweet Christmas!" as his solo show hits Netflix on September 30th.

Who Is Jessica Jones?

Jessica Jones is a semi-retired superhero who is currently fighting crime as a private investigator. In her own series, Jessica Jones met Luke Cage in a bar and the two bonded over their shared ability to not be able to be physically injured. In the comics, the two superheroes go one step further and tie the knot; they even have a child together!

Jessica Jones also brought us one of the greatest villains ever seen in the MCU, The Purple Man, played by David Tennant, and we loved him (hated him? I'm conflicted)! Ms. Jones has never been a part of the Defenders in comic history so her inclusion on the team next year will be a historic occasion. She brings her super strength and flight (or...controlled falling) to a team filled with diverse heroes from all over Hell's Kitchen. Some people argue Jessica Jones is better than Daredevil, but until you watch both of them, how can you really say? So if you haven't watched Jessica Jones on Netflix, what are ya waiting for?

Who Is Iron Fist?

In addition to the amazing Luke Cage and Defenders teaser trailers, we got a stunning teaser trailer for the one member of the Defenders that has yet to show up in the live action universe, Iron Fist. Known to his friends as Danny Rand, Iron Fist is a master martial artist who was trained by aliens and had to defeat a dragon to get his famed 'Iron Fist' and iconic dragon tattoo (yes, I'm serious). After the untimely death of his parents, Danny sought refuge in the hidden city of K'un-Lun, where he spent the next ten years training to exact his revenge on the man responsible for his parents' demise. Danny can focus his chi to grant him superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, and senses. In the comics, Danny and Luke Cage have a business together called "Heroes for Hire", so I wouldn't be too surprised if we got a 'surprise' cameo from Danny in Luke Cage which premieres later this year.

Who Else Has Been A Member Of The Team?

As I said before, this lineup has never been featured in the comics before, and none of them were original founders. So what that means is, if we are set to see multiple seasons of The Defenders, we might see the lineup change with each season as new heroes are introduced into the MCU. My money would be on Doctor Strange joining the team in the near future as he was the founding member and team leader (and, hey, we already know Benedict Cumberbatch isn't averse to doing TV series).

But we also might see Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Black Panther find their way onto the team, even if just for a quick cameo, as they all have already been seen in the MCU. And with the addition of Ghost Rider to the hit ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, it will probably make sense to see him join the team at some point as well. And, even though he was never a member of the team but is included in the teaser trailer above and is already in the Netflix universe, we might even see the Punisher join forces with the team to defend Hell's Kitchen from the Hand. The Defenders is constantly changing and has seen a whole host of different heroes join its ranks, so the possibilities are endless.

I, for one, am incredibly excited to see the Defenders brought to life on our screens. So far Netflix and Marvel have a proven track record when it comes to outstanding shows based around the founding members of the MCU's Defenders. With only two more shows to go before we get the team up next year, we don't have much longer to wait!

Who are you most excited to see in The Defenders? Let me know in the comments below!