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Looking for some more magical cartoons? Well, you're in luck, because Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil just started its second season on Disney XD. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it follows the adventures of Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension sent to live in comfort and safety on Earth. While she might want to live an average life, her powerful magic wand makes her a prime target for interdimensional villains — forever thrusting her into battle with the forces of evil.

Movie Pilot went live with voice actor Adam McArthur, who play's Star's trusty sidekick and best friend Marco on the show. McArthur gave us a taste of what to expect this season, and even revealed just how much the show's creators listen to its fans.

The first season was just 13 episodes, but as McArthur reminded us, we'll get a grand slam of 22 episodes this season. We're definitely not complaining about more episodes, especially because of our love for the relationship between Star and Marco. Fans have started shipping them under the name Starco, and McArthur revealed that the creators are more than familiar with the concept. In fact, they slipped in the name as an Easter Egg during a recent episode, proving that they know what's going on with the fandom. Check out the video above for more of McArthur's thoughts on Season 2, as well as his takes on everything from other cartoons and Pokémon Go.

You can watch new episodes of Star vs. The Forces Of Evil on Disney XD on Monday nights. And if you need to catch up, you can stream past episodes on Hulu. Be sure to follow Super News by Movie Pilot on Facebook for more live videos from San Diego Comic-Con 2016.


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