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Today in Comic-Con's notorious Hall H, Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland shared a sneak peek at the show's long-awaited third season. Although the video is still in an early production phase, the roughly storyboarded video still conveys the same level of humor and absurdity all Rick and Morty fans can appreciate.

The last time we saw Rick, he was locked in an intergalactic jail with seemingly no hope of escape. The world was turned into a pseudo-socialist state after becoming populated with aliens from across the galaxy.

Morty thought Rick had abandoned him, much like Rick had done to Beth, but in reality he had sacrificed himself to keep Morty safe by turning himself in as an intergalactic terrorist. From what we saw today, it would appear Rick is still in the midst of escaping the Galactic Federation.

Check out the clip revealed at San Diego Comic-Con below.

A lot went down in the 91-second scene that's worth taking a dive into. Let's discuss!

What The Hell Happened To Rick?

What the heck is going on with Rick's body here? From what we can see, he's turned himself into some sort of weird little hot dog/Frankenstein monster with the arms of a cockroach. Either this is an escape plan, or just the standard hijinks we know from Rick and Morty.

And Why Is He So Tiny?

Even given his small stature, the horde of vicious rats doesn't stand a chance against Rick and one of his schemes. Let the rat beheading begin!

'Is This Your Friend?'

In standard Rick style, he takes to goading his enemies despite being heavily outnumbered. He then uses the rat head to improve his sausage-like state by providing him with a functioning brain that allows him to don a rat-fighting exoskeleton. Classic Rick.

A Taste Of The Action

Rick and Morty has never shied away from occasional violence, but Season 3 already looks like it has some of the most awesome brutality by far. Hilarious and viscerally disturbing, I never tire of watching Rick kicking ass.

As long as we see Tammy die on screen in Season 3, I'm a happy camper. Die, Tammy, you treacherous manipulator, you.

There's still no confirmed premiere date for Season 3 of Rick and Morty, but last we heard Harmon and the team were still aiming for a 2016 release.

What do you want to see from Season 3 of Rick and Morty?


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