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*Warning: Spoilers ahead for Archer Season 7. Read at your own risk.*

Who would have guessed that Archer would have lasted this long? The quirky animated comedy has surpassed all our expectations by managing to get better and better with every season, expanding beyond simple spy genre parodies to bring us characters we actually care about.

Which is why we were shocked by last season's ending, which saw the death of Sterling Archer himself. Fans were eager to learn his fate during the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel today, and as it turns out Archer is still alive — though stuck in a coma.

Everyone looks cool in sunglasses.
Everyone looks cool in sunglasses.

Sadly, the teaser has yet to hit the Web, but thanks to IndieWire, we have details on what those in attendance saw. The new clip showed Archer trapped in a coma, surrounded by his mother Malory and partner/lover Lana. But as they wondered about his fate, the camera zoomed in on his head to take us to Dreamland, which looks to be the setting for Season 8.

Dreamland appears to have a 1920s feel, with Archer cast as a private investigator donning a three-piece suit and fedora, hot on the hunt of his missing partner Woodhouse (his butler in his waking life). A scene set in a nightclub featured the rest of the cast in entirely new roles. Fans got to see Lana as a jazz singer, Ray as a trumpeter and Krieger as a bartender. We also learned that Cyril and Pam will now be detectives, but with one big change — Pam is now a man.

For Archer creator Adam Reed, the Dreamland setting provides a new way to play with familiar characters. As he put it:

"Archer is meeting all these characters for the first time in the first episode. I really don't know where that will lead us, but I'm really excited to be writing it."

Dreamland is a big change for the series, but it won't be the first. Season 5, known by many as Archer Vice, found the team moving away from the spy game to sling cocaine. And Season 7 had the team head to Hollywood to run a detective agency. The Dreamland twist seems particularly ridiculous, but we have no doubt it'll open up plenty of comedic opportunities for Reed and his team.

Archer Season 8 premieres on FXX January, 2017. And if you want to catch up, you can find previous seasons streaming on Hulu. Let us know what you think about this big twist in the comments below.

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