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***SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition you have been warned!***

Thirty minutes of extra footage were added to the theatrical cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which ultimately became known to us as...the Ultimate Edition, or extended cut of the film.

About a month before the movie's release on Blu-ray and DVD, some of the film's executives told fans that,"if you didn't like the theatrical cut, then you probably wont like the Ultimate Edition (UE) either." Well, I and quite a few others have to disagree with them on that statement. I've talked with a handful of people recently, who all agreed that the UE was and is substantially better than the theatrical cut. I mean, that IS the WHOLE movie, so why would people hate that? It doesn't make a lot of sense, but not a lot of things do. Sense = none.

More Easter eggs wandered through the extra thirty minutes we received, and a theory came to mind, so without much more type-y type-y on my part, below are 6 things I learned while watching the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

1. The Watchmen Are In The DCEU

Before that police officer takes a shot at Batman hanging in the corner of the ceiling, those two police officers were in their squad car drinking coffee and watching Gotham City take on Metropolis. While they're driving off and heading to the call they received, the camera goes to a billboard that's advertising the Gotham Seaport...and in the center,"The End Is Nigh," spray painted on with black spray paint (It could be another kind of paint, but who would want to paint that with a brush?)

Later on, while Batman throws Superman a few stories from that abandoned building, we see written on a wall,"Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?" which roughly translates to,"Who Watches The Watchmen?"

Joe + ker = Ha :)
Joe + ker = Ha :)

As most of us know, Watchmen was directed by Zack Snyder, the same man who took on the movie of the hour. These two things could just very well be references to his previous film, but with them in plain sight like that, I'm guessing it's not so. I think we can all agree that it'd be really awesome to see Rorschach team up with the other greatest detective, Batman, in some future work. IF he's alive, that is.

2. Jason Todd and the OTHER Boy Wonders

Well well well
Well well well

Ever since we saw that suit of a dead Robin, with the infamous green-lettered,"HAHAHA Joke's On You BATMAN" in the second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have debated as to which Robin it actually was. Jason Todd was the obvious choice, and back in May, Warner Bros. made it official. It is indeed Jason Todd.

A scene in the film finds Bruce Wayne talking to Alfred. He asks,"Twenty years in Gotham, Alfred; we've seen what promises are worth. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?" And later, while Batman's talking with Lex Luthor in prison, he tells him,"I've arranged for you to get a transfer to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. I still have some friends there. They're expecting you."

This could mean a number of things, but as most of us know, Dick Grayson (Nightwing), was the first Robin. The character has gone undercover once in a while at Arkham Asylum to make sure criminals are in check and such. He's both a "good guy" and a "friend in Arkham Asylum." Jason Todd was/is the second Robin, who met his ultimate demise by the Joker's hands. He gets resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, returns to Gotham and then goes by the name of Red Hood. If you're not familiar with the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood or those related comics (I'm not gonna spoil them), and all you need to know from me is that after Batman believed Jason Todd to be dead, he took along a NEW prodigy, Tim Drake (Red Robin).

Red Hood
Red Hood

Alfred was fairly shaken up about the passing of the second Robin, so he kept saying throughout BvS:DoJ how much he wants Bruce to have a Wayne heir. The Batman solo film, which Ben Affleck will be directing, is supposed to focus around the Red Hood storyline, so we may very well see Batman take on Tim Drake. But he isn't really Bruce's kin - that relationship belongs to yet another iteration of Robin, Damian Wayne. Will we see him appear in a movie? Then will Alfred be happy? Possibly.

3. Wonder Woman's Birth

As the legend goes, Diana's mom, Queen Hippolyta, really wanted a child, so she made a baby out of clay and Zeus "zapped" her/it to life...thus Wonder Woman was born. We weren't sure if Warner Bros. was planning on doing this, but it wasn't until the Comic-Con trailer had revealed that this will indeed be a part of her origin story.

During Lex Luthor's speech for the Metropolis Library in a scene from the UE, he mentions something about Zeus, and Wonder Woman just rolls her eyes before walking away. So obviously Zeus hasn't revealed himself to her yet, or they're just not on good terms. Either way, we know that those gods are a part of the DCEU.

4. Batman's Knightmare Sequence Explained

Bruce's nightmare had an incredible Mad Max-esque vibe to it, which fans really loved (myself included), but what came after is what brought the most controversy for many others. When Mr. Wayne awoke from his Mad Max dream, he was suddenly in another...or was he? Well, no. It looked like it...but not really. It was actually the Flash showing Bruce an alternate timeline/Earth. If you're familiar with the Flash comics or show, you'll know that the Scarlett Speedster himself (and other speedsters), can run so fast that they can jump to a different time and parallel universe. Pretty sweet right!? Well that's exactly what Ezra Miller's Flash had done to warn Bruce, "You were right about him."

5. Jim Gordon Gets A Nod

While Clark Kent is out following up on his investigation of the Bat, he stops off at the GCPD to get some information on Santos, the dude that was branded by Batman then stabbed to death by an inmate at the Metropolis Prison. While Clark asks the officer at the desk about the inmate, if you listen very closely, you can hear mention of Jim Gordon. We all know that J.K. Simmons will play the character, and we're all super anxious to see him IN character for Justice League.

6. Theory Time!: Did Wonder Woman Want Superman Dead?

During the big fight with Doomsday, right before Superman spears the Kryptonian monstrosity (and gets himself speared in the act), Wonder Woman lassos the creature, and Batman shoots it with the kryptonite gas. Even with the gas, Wonder Woman has to struggle to get a hold of the deformity, all while the Lasso glows golden...even while Doomsday spears the Man of Steel.

How is that? I thought the Lasso of Truth is supposed to force anyone it captures to obey and tell the truth, and its captives are to obey the wielder of the Lasso, right? Well that's how it was in the comics, and yes, not all things are like the comics, but that's what the Lasso DOES. So, that brings up the question, did Wonder Woman really want Superman dead? She doesn't seems to get the feels like Batman does about his death, either. So she might've wanted him dead...she has "killed creatures from other worlds before."

We'll see a lot more of the League and Wonder Woman next year!

What things would YOU like to see happen in the future of the DCEU? Tell me all things in the comments section below! And hit the "FOLLOW" button for more movie awesomeness!


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