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It'd be an optimistic man who said that this year's summer releases have come to meet expectations. Although we've had very few bonafide stinkers this summer, most movies have received a pretty 'meh' reception from both critics and audiences. Are the films we've received so far a bad omen for the rest of the season or will we bare witness to a return to form before September arrives? Is the best yet to come? Here are 5 anticipated releases that could save your 2016 summer blockbuster viewing experience and may give you hope that it ain't over yet!

1. Star Trek: Beyond

I think it can be agreed that up until very recently Star Trek Beyond was not an anticipated release for anyone. It's trailer's made the movie look less like an actual Stark Trek movie and more like a Guardians of the Galaxy cash-in rip-off. However with it's intriguing poster designs and very strong reception from critics, a lot more people are now looking forward to the final instalment of the Star Trek reboot trilogy. J.J. Abrams reinvigorated the franchise with his 2009's Star Trek but some argue that he couldn't keep up the momentum with Star Trek: Into Darkness. As a result a space had been made for a new director to enter the fray and take up the mantle.

A strong script by Simon Pegg, writer of cult-classic's Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz has ensured that fellow Trekkies are well served. Whilst Justin Lin's experience in the action genre can also guarantee that regular cinema-goers will also be throughly entertained and won't feel short-changed. If you want some space-opera to tide you over before Christmas, Stark Trek Beyond is definitely worth checking out before we get another much anticipated follow-up to a J.J. Abrams reboot in the form of Rogue One.

2. Finding Dory

For our fellow neighbours across the pond this film has been released for some time now. However in Europe Finding Dory won't be released until next month. It's strong box office performance and good reception over in the States bodes well for us late-comers.

The sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory is proving to be one of 2016's more welcome franchise instalments. Smart, witty and with an aptitude for 'the feels', Finding Dory is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time for all ages. Whereas Stark Trek Beyond wasn't much anticipated at all, this summer release had been teased for over a decade now, and on the most part it appears to have delivered! It's a good Pixar sequel - need I say more? Also, don't forget to look out for the Octopus, he's meant to be the best part!

3. Mechanic: Resurrection

Certainly the riskiest choice out of the five, this August release may on the surface appear like another throwaway action-thriller but there's a lot of potential to be found underneath. German director Dennis Gansel has a back-catalogue of fairly well received action-thrillers under his belt and this could finally be the one that allows him to break out and release something special. And Gansel has never had a cast so well-equipped to do so! Jason Streatham, Jessica Alba and the legendary Tommy Lee-Jones will all star in the sequel to 2011's The Mechanic. Jason Straham's popularity appears to keep growing with the years and he'd benefit immensely from having another successful franchise under his belt alongside The Transporter Trilogy. Tommy Lee-Jones is guaranteed to bring a fair amount of charisma to the screen and I've always believed Jessica Alba has never quite got the stardom she's deserved since her Honey days.

4. Suicide Squad

In an ironic twist, could it be the bad guys that save the DCEU? Although admittedly there were many that truly believed Batman Vs Superman lived up to the hype, there were just as many that considered it a disappointment. In terms of both box office performance and critical acclaim Captain America: Civil War certainly came out the victor of the two. However DC still has a potential Ace up it's sleeve in the form of Suicide Squad. Turning the superhero genre upside-down and making the villains the protagonists for a change is an interesting move by Warner Bros. Deadpool's surprising success earlier this year shows that there's a market for a deconstructed superhero flick. Writer and director David Ayer has made a bit of a career out of finding the humanity in society's more unconventional members and very early reviews have been positive. So let's hope DC's first attempt at a satirical comedy comes up trumps and puts a smile on that face.

5. Jason Bourne

of The Martian both it's director; Ridley Scott and it's leading man; Matt Damon have had a bit of a renaissance of their own. Whereas Ridley has used this success to push through a Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel; Alien Convenient, Matt Damon has returned back to his roots too with a sequel to the now infamously aspired to; Bourne Trilogy. A well received trailer and the fact that the original director and writers are returning as well could re-ensure that there's still good material to be told from this franchise despite 2012's The Bourne Legacy's disappointing performance. The fact that to this day the Bourne films are still being copied and mimicked in their action sequences and shooting style, as can be shown in as recently as Captain America: Civil War, clearly demonstrates that there's still an appetite for a super-realistic, adrenaline pumping, white-knuckle ride of an action movie. And Jason Bourne looks set to deliver.

So there we have it - 5 upcoming blockbusters that could bring the future memory of summer 2016 back into a nostalgic one in years to come. What upcoming movies are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below.


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