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Anthologies are no doubt one of the more bizarre and puzzling subgenres of horror. They are structured carefully to peak your interest and hold your attention while you begin piecing the bloody fragments of the story together. Whether the stories are independent, share a common theme or have an underlying connective story, this horror subgenre is ripe-as-shit and ready for the picking.

Here are five badass horror anthologies to get you started:

5. Trick r’ Treat

I can not imagine that many of you have not yet seen this Halloween cult classic, but in case you missed it somehow, Trick r’ Treat is a must own for all horror and Halloween fanatics alike. Based off of writer/director Michael Dougherty’s original animated horror short titled "Season’s Greetings" and featuring one of horror’s most beloved hellions of all time, Sam. Trick r’ Treat is fun, suspenseful, comedic, delightfully grotesque and sure to be one of your next Halloween favorites.

Word on the street is we can even be expecting the long-awaited sequel coming 2017.

4. V/H/S

This is not the first time I have recommended this film to my readers, (all four of you anyhow), and for damn good reason. V/H/S is a rare combination of found footage and anthology, making this a truly exciting and horrific first person journey into various realms of horror.

For more of my thoughts on V/H/S, the found footage subgenre and title recommendations you can read them here!

3. Amusement

Despite popular opinion, Amusement is a great campy horror anthology from director John Simpson featuring The Laugh — an antagonist whose sole motive is finding amusement in the suffering of others. He’s a trickster, a master of disguise and has his name simply implies, he’s packing one hell of a maniacal laugh.

Amusement is certainly worth a watch, and it was definitely worth the purchase.

2. Necromentia

Certainly an acquired taste, Necromentia boldly explores the depths of sadism, masochism, demonology and the dark arts in a fantastical way that we have not yet seen. Coming around full circle, Necromentia is a tale of love, betrayal and vengeance that will leave you satisfied yet somehow still (blood) thirsty for more. Innovative and at times unnerving, this underrated gem is sure to become a staple in your anthology collection.

1. Tales Of Halloween

The best instant [Halloween] classic since Trick r’ Treat. Tales of Halloween is unbearably hilarious and refreshingly original. Featuring adored horror directors like Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, 11-11-11), and Lucky McKee (May, All Cheerleaders Die), Tales of Halloween consists of 10 short segments, each individually directed and crafted to fit perfectly together into this morbidly comedic film. From start to finish there isn’t a dull moment in this crazy anthology of horror, comedy and science fiction.

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