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Ever since the release of Pokémon GO, the world has gone crazy finding, catching and battling the tiny pocket monsters made famous by the games and television series of the '90s.

Today Movie Pilot's own Master Trainer Josh Sims has taken Pokémon hunting to a whole new level as he invades the VIP celebrity hotel at San Diego Comic-Con in order to track down some rare Pokémon and some rare celebrities in their natural habitat.

Check him out in action below:

Lucky days indeed.

Let's go through some of those Pokémon he locked down one more time:

  • Hotel lobby areas: Arboc, Tentacool, Rhyhorn, Meowth, Sandshrew x 2, Squirtle, Pinsir, Cubone
  • Hotel bar: Rhyhorn, Voltorb, Geodude,
  • Hotel escalators: Cubone (sadly lost due to app glitch), Machop x 2, Diglett
  • Hotel pool: Ekans, Magikarp, Zubat

Damn! That Squirtle catch was amazing, and don't even get me on the heartbreak of losing a level 1300 Charizard like one of the commenter's sons did. San Diego Comic-Con is clearly the place to be if you're a rabid Poké hunter, and if you want to see more from Josh throughout the SDCC weekend, stay tuned to Super News.

Pokémon is currently available to stream on Hulu, go catch 'em all right now.

What is the best Pokémon you've caught on Pokémon GO?

Lucky days, lucky dance!
Lucky days, lucky dance!


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