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The latest season of Game of Thrones ended with an absolute bang that left us, as usual, begging for more. The ever-scheming Cersei actually set the Great Sept of Baelor on (wild)fire, leading to her taking the throne with a smirk on her face, while Daenerys was finally spotted leading her fleet to King's Landing.

'Game of Thrones' / HBO
'Game of Thrones' / HBO

Unfortunately, while we were debating on a possible ending for the show, HBO announced that not only would they reduce the number of episodes for the next season, it would actually air in summer of 2017 instead of April. It's not necessarily a bad thing for Game of Thrones to be taking its time, but it's already difficult enough for fans to make it through a dragon-less winter in real life, which is probably why HBO has released a "production teaser," mysteriously layering quotes from the show and shots from the ateliers behind the scenes.

Watch The Teaser For Game Of Thrones Season 7

Granted, it's barely a sneak peek, but this teaser manages to get us excited for Season 7 while celebrating the production quality that so characterizes Game of Thrones. From the weapons to the costumes to the sets, the attention to the detail and the downright gorgeousness of the show are one major factor behind the success of the fantasy epic, so it's delightful to see more of that behind-the-scenes magic.

'Game of Thrones' / HBO
'Game of Thrones' / HBO

The teaser is also quite dedicated to Cersei, who was left head bitch in charge at the end of Season 6, from her "Shame, shame, shame" to a chilling "Welcome home, my queen." Wonder how long she's going to be able to sit on that throne...

Which character are you most looking forward to in Game of Thrones Season 7?


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