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Some comedies are more cult than others, and Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears definitely lands somewhere near the cult-ier end of the spectrum — but if you haven't yet discovered one of television's smartest comedies, this new clip — which just dropped at San Diego Comic-Con — should get you on board.

In the clip, Ice Bear pops out for pizza bagels on his wacky new custom ride: a slick-looking Roomba. Needless to say, the good folks of San Fran are suitably awed. That's what's great about this show — three bears doing all the crazy stuff regular people like us wish we could do.

Check out the clip (taken from the forthcoming episode "Icy Nights") below:

Wait, what's that — one clip ain't enough for ya? Fine, have another. The Gods of Comic-Con were smiling today. In the second clip, Ice Bear is not exactly thrilled about the return of Captain Craboo, which is not much of a surprise considering the state of the couch and Grizz's lovely red pajamas.

Turns out it's harder to get rid of a sharp-toothed crab than you might've thought — especially when he looks so darn cute. Check out Craboo making trouble for the bears below:

Season 1 of We Bare Bears is available to stream its entirely on Hulu right now.


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