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As part of all of the major news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. have announced three more animated films that will be released over the next year. Release dates and synopses are not readily available as of yet for all films, but I'll add information as it comes in. For now, just enjoy the speculation!

[Warning: Spoilers from Justice League vs Teen Titans, potentially Batman and Harley Quinn, and most likely Teen Titans: The Judas Contract]

Justice League Dark

For those of you not properly acquainted, the Justice League Dark is essentially an organization of characters that take on the supernatural side of the DC Universe. Their most popular characters include the likes of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Zatanna. This is not to be confused with the Guillermo del Torro film of the same name which is still supposedly in development. The film will be released in the fall of this year.

In terms of the film's plot, there aren't really any details other than the Justice League will have cameos and the narrative will follow Batman being forced into the world of supernatural heroes as the Justice League Dark takes care of issues the Justice League cannot handle themselves. I'm not too familiar with these characters, so I can't venture to guess what this story will entail; however, it seems that this film will be the formation/introduction to the Justice League Dark in the DC Animated Universe. That being said, we may be seeing more of these characters later. The video below gives a better idea of what the film will look like visually.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

If you're a fan of the original Teen Titans show or Teen Titans Go, then you'll likely remember this powerful and deep-cutting story. This story is about Terra joining the Teen Titans, learning all of their secrets, befriending Beast Boy, and ultimately turning out to be working for Deathstroke to bring down the Teen Titans. However, she ends up sacrificing herself in an attempt to stop Deathstroke. Whether this is the exact pattern the story will follow is yet to be seen because obviously the director and writers can take what liberties that they wish.

Of course, there are some changes to the story that will need to be taken in order to fit it into the world established by Justice League vs. Teen Titans. Instead of Dick Grayson being the Robin for the Teen Titans we have Damien Wayne who has some personal issues with Deathstroke and will be ready to take him on. We've also got Terra introduced at the last possible second of Justice League vs. Teen Titans which works out nicely. The only difference in roster we currently have is the addition of Blue Beetle to the Teen Titans and Nightwing potentially having a part in the story similar to his role in the original comic.

There is currently no release date for this film, but I'd expect to see it sometime around February or March of next year.

Batman and Harley Quinn

So to be absolutely clear, this is real. The comic this was taken from creates an actually extremely normal if not quaint story of Batman and Harley Quinn temporarily being friends. However, keep in mind that this story comes from the New 52 Harley Quinn who got into a relationship with Poison Ivy and has essentially sworn off the abusive relationship she's suffered through with The Joker for well over a decade now. After that relationship Quinn takes steps towards reforming herself. That leads to this adventure wherein she steals $1 million of dark money (money gained through less than legal means) from a Wall Street "fat cat" to win a date with Bruce Wayne at an auction. But, before she can win her date, a robbery attempt results in the kidnapping of Wayne and subsequent rescue by Harley Quinn herself. The pair go on a date, enjoy themselves, and Harley gets a kiss with the infamous playboy Bruce Wayne. Batman meets with her a few hours later admitting his suspicions about the newly reformed Harley and she steals a kiss . . . for some reason. She might be convinced that she knows his identity - or thought she knew his identity - yet the comic ends before we get an explanation.

In terms of a film, that's not a substantial amount of content - certainly not enough to fill an entire 60-90 minute feature. Yet, I feel like there's more that could've continued after the comic and that's where the rest of the film will pick up: We see Harley actually teaming up with Batman to try and prove she's been reformed and willing to help people like she once did. In terms of the larger universe, this will be the first introduction to the New 52 Harley Quinn. Given most people are familiar with the character, there won't be much need for introductions or backstory involving her unhealthy relationship with The Joker. Instead, we'll probably see some of her relationship with Poison Ivy and the benefits that brought her emotionally and socially before stepping into the story where she spends some time with Bruce Wayne. I don't see this film garnering much in the way of continuity, but it definitely is a fun little one-off.

This film does not have a release date yet, but expect a late May / early June release for this film.

So that's a basic idea of how the next few DC animated films may work. As more details arise, I'll update this article and might put out a follow up if more films get announced (unlikely, but New York Comic Con is only a few months away!) in the future. If you're interested in more about the live action DC films, check out my article on the DCEU's mysterious 2018 and 2019 dates here.

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