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San Diego Comic-Con is the most wonderful time of the year for nerds and this year's even was better than ever. Wonder Woman and Justice League got exclusive trailers, we heard about the incredible new arrivals for Legends of Tomorrow and we got a sneak peek at the upcoming seasons of The Flash and Arrow. Of course that line-up would not be complete without Supergirl, which also had some interesting news for fans.

As we've known for quite some time, Supergirl will be network hopping over to The CW, where it'll stand alongside other superhero shows Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, so what does this move mean for the series?Here's what we discovered about Supergirl at Comic-Con.

Kara And Clark Will Clash

Supergirl executive producer Sarah Schechter explained that Clark and Kara will clash based on their ideas of what it means to be a superhero and have superpowers. As she noted:

“There’s some real head-butting and philosophical approaches that are different. We’ll get into all that.”
A helping hand? Superman arrives!
A helping hand? Superman arrives!

We were all excited when we first that the Man of Steel would (finally) be coming over to Supergirl because his absence was extremely noticeable during the first season. It's not that Kara couldn't carry her own show, because she was really great at doing so. But Superman's presence was needed for her origin story and her repeated references to "my cousin" got really annoying. Superman is a well established hero, whereas Supergirl is just starting out and making mistakes along her journey. Kara often struggles when she's on her own, so the fact that her cousin will disagree with her methods could have some big repercussions on her self-esteem.

Chris Wood's Character Is In The Pod!

After Chris Wood's casting was announced, we all wondered what character he would be playing. The identity of Wood's character was not revealed, but the panel did confirm that his character will be the shocking pod arrival from the Season 1 finale.

While the identity of said character is still a mystery, the fact that it will be involved with the pod storyline suggests that this character is Kryptonian — or another form of alien life. That should add an interesting new element to the series, and possibility help connect the show with The CW's other superhero series.

Lynda Carter's President Will Affect Superman

Very little was mentioned on the topic, but when asked about Lynda Carter's character — the President of the United States — Schechter said that "big things have to happen to get Superman and Supergirl together."

All of us classic Wonder Woman fans were thrilled when we heard of Carter's casting. Carter is a legend and her Wonder Woman defined a generation, so it's only fair that she have the opportunity to appear on the only current female-drive superhero show on network television. Now that we know that Carter's character will be directly related to an event that causes Superman and Supergirl to come together, we can assume that her appearance will last at least a few episodes.

Coming home to The CW like.
Coming home to The CW like.

It's an exciting time to be a superhero fan with all the announcements, but Supergirl's first CW season is one of the most hotly anticipated arrivals of the year and I cannot wait to see what this second season has in store!

What are you looking forward to on the Supergirl Season 2? Tell me in the comments section!


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