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In what is definitely some of the best superhero news today, it was revealed that Arrow actress Katie Cassidy will be returning to the Arrow-verse as a series regular across all of the CW's superhero shows. In a deal identical to the ones recently signed by Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman, Cassidy will appear on The CW's slate of superhero shows including Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow — though it's unknown if she'll appear on Supergirl

Cassidy portrayed the beloved Laurel Lance/Black Canary on Arrow for the past four seasons until she was senselessly killed off in a decision that resulted in outcry and fan backlash. Petitions were started to bring her back and the Black Canary was recently voted "DC's Best TV Hero".

For the most part, the fans's pleas have been heard and Katie Cassidy will return. Marc Guggenheim enforced that the Laurel Lance of Earth-1 is still dead, which has once again angered fans. However, now that we know Katie Cassidy will return, let's take a look at some of the potential ways she may return.

The Siren Will Wail Again

Badass In Black: Cassidy as Black Siren on "The Flash".
Badass In Black: Cassidy as Black Siren on "The Flash".

After Laurel was killed off on Arrow, it was announced that Katie Cassidy would appear on The Flash as Black Siren, Laurel's evil Earth-2 doppelgänger. Siren was an incredible addition to the show and was very well-received by fans and critics. The character was also noticeably different to the Black Canary . She was evil, she was a metahuman and she used her sensuality to her advantage. She was also the only Earth-2 metahuman not to be sent back to the parallel universe.

With Cassidy's new contract allowing her to appear on The Flash, we can be pretty certain that she'll return as the sassy Siren. Black Siren will wail again, and I can't wait!

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Through Flashbacks

As It Was: Laurel and Oliver in a Flashback.
As It Was: Laurel and Oliver in a Flashback.

Arrow loves its flashbacks. In fact, almost every single episode of Arrow has featured flashbacks significantly. So it's easy to assume the show will feature Laurel through flashbacks. After all, she was Oliver's first true love and now that she's gone, it's likely he will continue to miss her and mourn for her well into Season 5. We already know that we'll see her final words to Oliver in the Season 5 premiere, so expect to see Laurel popping up throughout the season in flashback form.

Even though it's still ridiculous that the show is standing by its decision when there are so many ways to undo her death, it'll be pleasant to see Laurel on Arrow again as the show has suffered without her presence.

In The Legendary Past ... Or Future?

Last year's San-Diego Comic-Con poster.
Last year's San-Diego Comic-Con poster.

There's no doubt Laurel will appear on DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, especially considering the fact that her sister Sara Lance/White Canary is a prominent figure on the time-traveling series. We had predicted this possibility before, but the new series regular contract all but guarantees that this will happen.

Perhaps Sara could end up going back into the past to see her sister. Or maybe we'll see a team up between the two Canaries. Wouldn't that be epic?! Remember, Sara was distraught at the loss of her sister in the Season 1 finale and will go up against Damian Darhk sometime during Season 2, so it wouldn't be impossible to believe that she'd want to travel back in time to save her sister.

Considering the time-hopping elements of the series, Laurel could also appear in the future. Perhaps her character is resurrected at a later period in the timeline? While it would be the untraditional move, it could tie to a new storyline in the upcoming season.

Canary On Supergirl?

Could Katie Cassidy show up on "Supergirl"?
Could Katie Cassidy show up on "Supergirl"?

With The CW's new arrival in the form of Supergirl and Cassidy's new deal as a series regular across the Berlanti-verse shows, it wouldn't be crazy to think Cassidy might appear on the series. With The CW's hopes of adding Supergirl to the Arrow-verse, a crossover with Black Canary/Black Siren might just be a possibility.

When The Flash appeared on Supergirl last season, he did mention the Black Canary, but now there's a possibility that she might actually appear on the show.

Whether you're a Black Canary or Black Siren fan, or you just love Katie Cassidy, this news should bring a smile to your face. Following in the footsteps of Arrow-verse alumni Miller and Barrowman, Cassidy is the third star to sign one of these contracts. Having been incredibly vocal about Arrow's decision to kill her off, I am so proud to tell you that, one way or another, the Canary will Cry again!

Which character would you like to see Katie Cassidy return as? Let us know in the comments!

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