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Suicide Squad has accomplished a great deal, turning an obscure group of C-List criminals into summer's most anticipated movies. Of course, having the perfect Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and some dude named the Joker helped, but it's an accomplishment nonetheless. And on top of that, they got all this attention despite some major changes to their comic book looks.

This has been something of a sore spot for fans, as they were really looking forward to seeing their favorite comic book duds transfer to the big screen. Of course, characters like Captain Boomerang and Slipknot are made for tweaking, but the same can't be said for bigger names like Harley Quinn. Almost everyone was clamoring for Margot Robbie to don the jester suit in Squad, but that never happened. Instead they got the loosely adapted juggalo look.

Despite everyone coming to accept the new costume, many are still holding out hope to see the jester suit as an easter egg. In fact, most people think they saw it already from one of the trailers, where Harley changes from her prison suit to her actual suit.

Down near El Diablo's legs is what appears to be the headgear for the jester suit. This went unconfirmed for a while, but DC essentially confirmed it today (outside of their SDCC panel). How, you may ask?

B-Roll Footage

Most movies release B-Roll footage shortly before the movie actually comes out. It's basically a behind the scenes look at unused takes. Really, the most eventful thing that happens in them is if the director and actor laugh together, or someone sneezes. Well, until today. Because there's something amazing hidden in this footage, and it's not Killer Croc blowing his nose.

Harley Quinn With Her Jester Suit!

Harley Quinn and her original costume.
Harley Quinn and her original costume.

Isn't it beautiful? It has the red and black color scheme, it's silky, and most importantly it isn't overly revealing or "sexy." It's pretty amazing, really. Even Harley seems to think so!

Well, she thought so. Because after taking her old suit out of the box, she uncovers something else. And suddenly, comic accuracy means nothing to her — although it would break the fourth wall if it did mean something.

Time to ditch this suit.
Time to ditch this suit.
Now THIS looks good.
Now THIS looks good.

I'm surprised Harley saw it at all, given she's not wearing her glasses and the "shorts" are basically non-existent. But hey, it's a movie about villains with bombs in their necks taking down a witch. I should be surprised about a lot more.

Another, Clearer Look At The Suit

Because Jared Leto's Joker is still a weirdo madman, he has his ex-girlfriend's skin-tight suit put on a mannequin and propped up against the wall, complete with a wig of her hair. Aside from whatever creepy stuff that entails, we at least get a great look at the suit! The colors only alternate once — like in the animated series — but also doesn't have any diamonds or white frills. Her hair is also red and black instead of pink and blue, much like all the fan art that floated around the web when she was first cast. And because she wouldn't be a female comic book character without some sort of impracticality, she's wearing heels.

If you're complaining about how we got such a crappy version when we could've had this, just remember the alternate costumes and count your blessings.

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