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Brace yourself, bad puns are coming.
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After the less than stellar reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it looks like DC is changing their game, and adding a little more levity to their movies, although that was the plan before BvS was even released, according to screenwriter Chris Terrio.

Warner Bros. went through major shakeups in their executive team, with Ben Affleck instated as the producer for Justice League, and Geoff Johns given more creative control with the establishment of DC Films.

The studio seems to have utilised the feedback received after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in order to enhance the quality of their movies, and make them more appealing to the fans – and this is clearly evident from the recent footage displayed at San Diego Comic-Con.

1. They Are Finally Embracing The Comic Book Universe

This picture is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. The costumes look extremely colourful, unlike the previous two instalments. The lack of colour was a sore point for the fans, as it didn't really feel as if they were watching a comic-book movie. Looking at this picture, the Suicide Squad trailers, and the newly released Wonder Woman trailer (which, by the way, you NEED to watch if you haven't done so yet), it appears as if DC are finally adding a more colourful, aesthetic atmosphere to their movies.

Which bring me to my next point...

2. The Tone Is Exactly What It Should Be Like

Although Man of Steel was a little more neutral in tone, with a solid mix of light and dark in it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice offered a very bleak and depressing atmosphere, depicting the titular heroes at the lowest points in their stories. Now that that's been done, it's finally time that the Justice League becomes a little more lighter, cheerful, and optimistic.

The DCEU seems to be going in the right direction by including a little more humour, hope, and optimism in their movies, without going overboard with the quips; it perfectly matches the tone in line with their comics.

3. The Characters Perfectly Match Their Comic Book Counterparts

The costume designs are on point, and look really good in the movies. Superman's classic red and blue, albeit a bit darker shade of both, gives a really royal feel to his suit. Wonder Woman looks great, Batman's suit and cowl looks fantastic. The Flash's suit is more in line with the Injustice version of the character. Aquaman looks badass with his full body armour and trident. Although we haven't seen much of Cyborg, his "suit" looks like heavy armour plating meshed with his body, although the CGI is a little rusty since the movie is still in its early stages.

But I'm not just talking about the costumes. Towards the end of BvS, after sacrificing himself to save the world, Superman truly became the hero everyone needed; he became a symbol of hope all over the world. Wonder Woman's character, as seen from the trailer, seems to be in line with the comics, as a brave, powerful, and kind Amazonian Princess.

Batman/Bruce Wayne are both spot on, with his occasional, cheeky remarks. Ezra Miller's Barry Allen also looks great, completely embodying the comic version of the character, while Aquaman appears to be the fiercest and most badass superhero ever put to screen.

All in all, DC has finally got into the zone, and I expect they will deliver on our expectations with their upcoming movies.

Suicide Squad is out in theatres August 5, 2016, Wonder Woman on June 2, 2017, and Justice League on November 17, 2017.

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You can rewatch the Justice League trailer below:


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