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Harley Quinn is about to explode due to the mainstream attention she's received in the up-coming Suicide Squad movie. She's being given even more attention than she's already been getting from fans of the comics, animated series and games for years now, and it isn't going to stop there. There's already rumours flying around that she'll be getting her own spin-off that will feature a team-up with other DC female heroes. However, now there's talk that Harley Quinn will co-star alongside Batman in the animated Batman and Harley Quinn, an original story by her creator Bruce Timm.

During the Comic con panel for the up-coming The Killing Joke animated movie, Warner Bros. Animation revealed a few hints towards the projects they are currently working on. An article from Cinema Blend reveals that there's no word on casting or plot thus far, but they exposed that it will be a story from Bruce Timm, who's the boss-man when it comes to Harley's character.

The title obviously reveals that the plot will revolve around Batman and Harley, will they be working together, or will they be in a heated battle with each other? Who knows at this point, but it certainly makes fans of the Batman: Animated Series very happy. Will the Joker make a cameo? Please let him make a cameo!

DC are hitting the cinemas hard in the next few years, with Suicide Squad in August being the next big hit to come out, and the Justice League, Flash, Wonder Woman ect. being hot on everyone's lips. I wonder if the animated Harley will stick truer to the comics than Margot Robbie's portrayal seems to be. And let's pray that the spin off currently rumoured won't be a disappointment, as Harley is a complex character whom doesn't seem to be fulfilling her full cinematic potential JUST yet *crosses fingers tightly*.

Other Projects In The Works

Cinema Blend also revealed the other projects that were announced at Warner Bros. Animation panel;

A few other upcoming projects were announced at the Animation panel. The first was Justice League Dark, which fans might remember as a live-action project from Guillermo del Toro that got stuck in development hell. It looks like the supernatural team will be coming to screens in a different way, and Warner Bros. was able to confirm that John Constantine and Swamp Thing will be on the team.

They expanded further on the other projects Warner Bros. have announced;

The other announced project was Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, which will be an adaptation of Marv Wolfman and George Perez's iconic storyline from the comics.

That's a whole lotta love coming from DC! What have we done to deserve all these treats? What ever it is, they can carry on presenting us with brilliant projects please!

Harley Quinn The New 52
Harley Quinn The New 52

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