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The Teen Wolf panel at this years SDCC brought the new, long-awaited Season 6 trailer along with the crushing news of the show ending. It also brought us spoilers and teasers for the upcoming season. Here's what we learned from the Teen Wolf SDCC panel 2016. Watch the trailer for Season 6 of Teen Wolf below:

1. The Villains

The villains this season are like nothing we've ever seen before. This season will have multiple Big Bads, one of them being the Nazi werewolf we see at the end of Season 5. More importantly, the pack will be facing evil Ghost Riders, they come to Beacon Hills in a supernatural storm called The Wild Hunt. According to Tyler Posey, "They're like gnarly cowboys who grab your soul and take you to some other place." These villains have a lot of folklore and mythology behind them, which makes for a pretty intense storyline, because unlike all the previous villains on the show, these guys don't have a plan for revenge, a hidden agenda or a quest for power — it's just in their nature.

2. Stydia

"Scott is going into this season single, and therefore the central relationship is turned focus towards Lydia and a particular person, and that would of course be Stiles." —Holland Roden

There is definitely some Stydia news waiting for us in Season 6. Jeff Davis told fans to expect a very important Stydia (Stiles and Lydia) scene in the first episode of Season 6 and that these two will finally be exploring their feelings for each other. However the past five seasons have caused some major trust issues between Jeff and the fandom, but after seeing the new trailer — and what Holland Roden said at Comic-Con — it looks like Jeff Davis wasn't kidding when he said this would be a big season for Stiles and Lydia. There's no longer any lingering feelings between them this season, it's all gonna be a focal point in Season 6. It's about time!

3. Banshee 101

In one episode this season we'll be exploring the folklore of a Banshee, which links up to one of the villains this season and solving the mystery. This episode deals with the backstory of Banshees in it's entirety. So Lydia Martin's (Holland Roden) family history and her banshee powers — which go far beyond her piercing scream and her ability to predict death — will be a main focal point.

4. Saving Stiles

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) will be one of the victims of the Wild Hunt. Even though all his friends will end up forgetting Stiles thanks to the ghost riders, Season 6 will mainly revolve around the pack's efforts to save him. The mystery surrounding the Wild Hunt will be a Beacon Hills-wide mystery, affecting both the humans and supernatural of Beacon Hills.

5. Space And Time

A little tidbit that Holland Roden revealed is that there's a lot of time jumps and geographical jumps this season. There will be a lot of different time periods, we can expect to see a lot of flashbacks and flash forwards in Season 6. There's all kinds of different weird things we can expect this season.

6. Theo Is Going Good?

Theo 'Teen Wolf' / Entertainment Weekly
Theo 'Teen Wolf' / Entertainment Weekly

Theo Raeken (Cody Christian) definitely went to hell and back in Season 5, but according to Cody Christian he's come back a changed werewolf. We'll be seeing a new side of Theo Raeken — a more broken, vulnerable and reflective soul: We catch a glimpse of Theo's humanity. After his plan to break up the pact and his search for power came to a epic fail, Theo Raeken must now face the consequences of his actions. He's the villain we all love to hate, but it's possible Theo may try being the good guy again, this time for real.

7. The Return Of A Hale And An Argent

Ian Bohen and JR Bourne are returning for Season 6. Our favorite werewolf hunter is back to fighting crime in Beacon Hills! Sadly, it's not the Hale we want back that's returning, still we'll settle for a reformed psycho killer with serious issues. Peter Hale and Chris Argent are back!

8. Family Drama For Malia

With Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) back in town, you just know he's gonna be stirring up trouble with everyone in Beacon Hills, especially his daughter Malia. After almost killing her mother at the end of Season 5, it's highly doubtful that Malia would want to spend some quality time with her dad. This should be interesting.

9. Scott And Chris Argent

With Chris Argent (JR Bourne) back, he'll be fighting crime side by side with Scott once again. Giving the young alpha the support he needs to succeed.

“I love where that relationship, over the series, has gone. It’s what his daughter showed him, that he’s more than a werewolf. He’s a young man who carries equal morals to Argent.” — JR Bourne

10. Stiles And Peter

Hell must've frozen over cause this season, Stiles Stilinski and Peter Hale will be working close together. According to Jeff Davis there will be some great scenes with Peter and Stiles in Season 6.

11. A New Alpha In Town?

With Scott McCall leaving town for college, the question remains: Who's gonna be in charge of the pack? The best choice would be Scott's very own beta, Liam. It's quite a possibility that Liam may end up becoming an Alpha this season without killing anyone.

But the biggest spoiler of all?

12. Scott McCall Will Save The Day!

Then again, we all already know that. If anyone's gonna save Beacon Hills from the hoard of villains heading its way, it's gonna be the true alpha, Scott, and his pack.

Season 6 of Teen Wolf will be full of mystery, secrets, intrigue, romance, drama and more intense, less gruesome supernatural baddies. The final season of Teen Wolf promises to be one crazy roller coaster ride. Teen Wolf Season 6 will be premiering this fall on MTV.

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