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Yes, SDCC keeps proving to us it is the single most awesome event every nerd and fanboy (or girl) can possibly imagine, bringing us now the new teaser from our favorite sleuth's show. While Comic-Con was already host for the 'nerd' wrecking trailers for Justice League, Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman, a final Suicide Squad trailer, a The Flash Season 3 trailer, and a new Marvel's Doctor Strange trailer (among many other awesome things), today it provided us yet another surprise (the second one that involves Benedict Cumberbatch): our first look into Sherlock season 4, an official teaser (apart from the bunch going around everywhere in YouTube). You can check it out below:

Like I said, awesome! All Sherlock fans are coming out from their Sherlock theory-making-room to watch the teaser and then go back and see if their theories were correct. As we know, season 3 ended with the huge cliffhanger of James Moriarty, (Sherlock's biggest adversary), who was presumed dead last season, appearing on every screen in England saying four words that left us all wondering what was going to happen in season 4:

Did you miss me?

Back in April, it had already been annouced that filming for season 4 had already started, but now we can finally get a glimpse of what is cooking in Gattis and Moffat's lab of perfection. And boy, is it satisfying. From what we see in the teaser, it is obvious Sherlock knows something is about to happen (Moriarty probably hasn't shown up publicly after the video at the end of season 3, otherwise, we'd get a hint in that direction) and he intends to face it. After all, that's why he wasn't sent on a plane to prison, he was the only one who could deal with a situation like this. We can speculate that Sherlock is having quite a bit of trouble dealing with it all, since there are a number of shots where he is seen distraught, confused, and careless about his own appearance (maybe he's doing drugs again?).

"No. No, not endless"
"No. No, not endless"

In this context we notice Sherlock has to deal with many things at once. Probably one of them being people (or the circumstances, and social rules) not letting him work the way he's used to, and things like his phrase "The Game is on" being criticized:

For Christ's sakes, Sherlock, it's not a game!
Oh, man... my fingers still smell like onion.
Oh, man... my fingers still smell like onion.

New details include a new villain with a pretty evil laughter, Mrs. Hudson threatening Mycroft (not so surprising, really), Mary with black hair and a gun (undercover mission maybe?), a door that reads "No entry", a bunch of nurses apparently walking towards Cumberbatch's character, and Sherlock's newly acquired junkie-like facial hair.

Sherlock, season 4 will be released in 2017. In the meantime, we expect to see many more teasers, trailers, and announcements.


There's still about a year left until Sherlock, season 4 comes out. Did the new teaser get you excited?


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